Best Fit For Skateboarding Shoes

Skate shoe fit is of utmost importance. Let’s face it, they might look cool, they might be at the price you want but if the fitting isn’t dead on you will be stuck with shoes that feel like goofy clown feet or something that pinches you and is more trouble to wear then they’re worth. So clearly a good fit is needed. Especially in the sport of skateboarding where good  skate shoes can make a world of difference. We have created this guide to assist you in getting the correct fit and size for your skateboarding needs.


When you go to try on new skate shoes be sure you are wearing your normal socks. In other words the socks you normally skate in. If you wear thicker socks during your skate sessions then be sure this is what you are wearing at the time of trying them on.  Socks will make a big difference to how the skate shoes fit. If you are buying skate shoes online then simply try on that same brand at your local shoe store to make sure you are getting the right size.

Try on shoes after skating

To get a true fit and size you need to go shoe shopping after a good session (just please bring some fresh socks to the store!) the reason for this is your feet will actually swell considerably during a good session. So what fits great in the morning before skating might very well feel awful an hour into your skateboarding. And that’s no fun.


Shoes and feet come in 2 general sizes, narrow and wide. This will make a huge difference to getting the right fit also. A
shoe may be in your size lengthwise however width can be a different story. Some brands make very wide shoes, like DC shoes and some stick to the more narrow kind. Be sure to pay attention to this and if you are ordering online make sure to check out the shoes specifications for width. If you can’t find this information try reading some of the reviews or contact the customer service support.

They should be able to answer all your skate shoe questions.

Feelin’ good…right away!

Your new skate shoes should feel great as soon as you put them on. Be wary of trying to “break them in” chances are if they don’t feel good in the store when trying them on, they will only feel worse after wearing them day to day. Make sure no part of your foot is rubbing against any interior part of the shoe as this will result in the dreaded blisters and other nasty things. If you do order online and you end up not liking the feel when they arrive most online skate shoe merchants offer great return policies, usually at no charge to the customer. Be sure to check this out on the stores website before making a purchase.

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