Adio Eugene

The Adio Eugene skate shoe is one of our favorites not only for it’s awesome look and design but for it’s great fit and performance. Strong colors and powerful graphics dominate this shoe. Throw in the traditional cup sole Adio is known for and double protective padded tongue support and additional ankle supports and you’ve got an all around killer shoe for skating or just chillin in.
Adio footwear was created with a specific goal which is to bring skaters across the globe together by making top of the line footwear designed by the Adio team of pros that would function flawlessly for every kind of skater. These shoes are made by skaters for skaters. For over a decade now, Adio has been
world renowned as a leader in the industry of skateboard shoes, but as always their goal stays true to it’s origins, to create reasonably priced, high performance footwear for all skaters around the world.

The Adio Eugene come with the following features:

  • Features the traditional Eugene shape.
  • Regular fit with a good level of width and padded for a old school skate feel.
  • Leather or synthetic leather upper.
  • Killer graphics and colors.
  • Strobal stitching for added resistance and wear and tear.
  • Adio shock absorbing system with full midsole for great fit and support while skating.
  • 400 NBS rubber cupsole for super board grip.
  • Lightweight

With all their success in recent years, Adio has created a team of top pro skaters to stand behind their cause. Kenny Anderson, Matt Mumford, Ernie Torres, Joey Brezinski, Steve Nesser, and Christ Troy all bring their own unique styles to the mix and help Adio come up with some excellent skateboard shoes.

Adio Kenny

Created and designed by professional skater Kenny Anderson and the Adio team, the Adio Kenny skate shoe is simply a skater dream come true with all the features and functions of them. The tough resistant upper comes in either action leather, dual leather, synthetic leather or canvas. The excellent cupsole function gives gives you great board feel when riding. The 3 dimensional rubber toe guard and P.U soles make this one of our favourite Adio shoes out there! They look great and are super durible. They also provide awesome board grip and that’s a very important feature in a skate shoe. If they’re no good for skating then they wont be much good for you. Besides all the techinal features the Adio Kenny also looks really slick and comes in several terrific colors and styles.

Features Include:

  • Durible leather upper.
  • Well built cupsole design for an awesome riding experence.
  • 3D formed toe guard for protection and long wear and tear.
  • 3D molded logo.
  • Hidden lacing system.
  • Tongue placement straps.
  • Lightweight

Adio Hamilton

These shoes are Designed and tested by pro skaters from the Adio team, the Adio Hamilton shoe combines clean, crisp style with everything you need in technical skate shoe. They come with either a Soft yet durable leather or sport suede upper. An awesome design includes the Adio logo in 3 dimension on the sides and back of the shoe and features like thick supportive mesh tongue with placement straps and foam protective collar keep you comfortable while wearing them and helps to protect your foot and ankle from injury. Super comfortable fabric lining and padded insoles top it off for maximum comfort and performance. These skate shoes will also maintain a super sweet board grip and feel with the addition of herringbone stamped gum rubber soles.

While these shoes may not turn you pro in a week they can help your skating reach that next level with top of the line features created specifically with the skaters needs in mind.  Other features include a dual leather nubuck upper, with a 3D protective toe-guard, optional hidden lacing system and streachy tongue-stabalizing straps to keep the tounge in place and prevent the annoying  feeling of having it move from side to side as you walk or skate.

Features include:

  • Mixed leather combo, textile and durable uppers.
  • Tricot inner for a ultra comfy fit.
  • Venting systems for breathability and airflow.
  • Foam tongue and collar for support and fit.
  • Synthetic herringbone outsole for a great grip and board feel.
  • Comes with extra set of laces.
  • Lightweight