DVS shoes for kids

There are many hot brands of skate shoes that cater to kids these days like DVS shoes for kids. They feature great shoes that are perfect for the kids in your life. They have several products to choose from.
One is the Torey snow kids. This product is perfect for winter wear on and off the skateboard. They are made of a suede upper, and ice grip outsole to help one eliminate the chances of slipping on icy walkways. It also features weatherproofing to keep the shoes from getting damaged by snow and wetness. The lining of the shoe is designed to keep the feet dry by wicking away any moisture. There is also extra ankle support as well as artwork that is only for the snow shoe series. It is available in kids sizes eleven through six. There is also another snow boot that is manufactured by the brand called the Another product is the revival bts. This product is featured in sizes three to six, and is composed of a nubuck leather upper, with a man made sole.

It only comes in the classic color of black. Customers who have purchased the item have given it a five out of five star rating. Customers said the shoe is true to size and also is great to purchase when a child wants to dress like their father, as the shoe is available in the adult collection as well. Next up is the convict kids. This product is available in three different colors. The colors available are: black/grey, navy/grey and classic black. They are constructed of a canvas upper except for the classic black which is made of a suede upper.

If one wants to create a man/son look a like dress code, this item is perfect as well because it has an adult version of the shoe. It is available in kid sizes one through six. Daewon 12′ er is another product for the kids on your shopping list. This item was developed by Daewon Song whom is a renowned Korean-American professional skateboarder. It is available in youth sizes eleven through six and comes in four stylish colors. The colors available are black, royal, black/royal and gray suede. Features of this shoe include bruise control technology, a very flexible build, as well as a non slip outsole making it a good and safe skate shoe for children. This brand also makes footwear for the toddlers. They are only offering one product in this line, which is the convict toddler. This product is available in two colors which are gray and black. Besides just sneakers, there are also boots, snow shoes and sandals available for purchase.
There are other shoes available by this brand that are designed especially for children. They can be found on the brand’s official website as well as online retailers such as Amazon.com. They are also available at one’s local retail sport shop. Many retailers offer free shipping on the items as well, and there is even kids apparel to complete the skater look.

DVS Enduro Heir

Hey everyone thanks for checking out my review of the DVS Enduro Heir shoes. First thing I must say is I like these shoes but had to return them because I found they needed to be 1/2 size larger. Since getting the proper size I really love them. They have great arch support and also good ankle padding and support. They have strong elastic tongue straps to keep it in good place. I findĀ  with some skateboard shoes this becomes a real problem and I’m always happy to get a pair of shoes that has this great feature. A few drawbacks is the price is at the higher end for skate shoes and the material looks really nice but will get marked up really easily if you skate in them. I mostly just wear mine for casual use. They look SICK and I love the way the shoe is put together and all the neat features it has.

Overall this is an awesome shoe, they look great and feel very comfortable, even after wearing them for a 12 hour shift! Not only it looks good, it’s very comfortable. Like I said before compared to alot of other brands like Osiris and Adio these fit a little smaller so keep that in mind if you’re going to be ordering a pair off the net.I bought myself the black and white two tone and found they looked much nicer in person as opposed to the online picture. Much moreĀ  crisp and just better. I’m really digging all over design and flow of them and the small metallic DVS placard on the outside of them is pretty cool too. I also like them because despite looking great they’re not too flashy or over the top.

These are some features for the shoe

  • Created and tested by DVS pro skateboarding team.
  • Nubuck or leather upper.
  • 3x stitching construction.
  • Really flexible.
  • Ventilated insides for heat reduction.
  • Open-cell breathable mesh.
  • Forming heelcup inner system.
  • Very light flexible rubber.
  • Ultra grip and non slip soles, perfect for skating.