Emerica Reynolds

Check out the new Emerica Reynolds 3. This is the signature skate shoe from pro skater Andrew Reynolds. He has designed and tested this shoe himself so you know this is a serious product and features some sick stuff including diamond accents, Suede or leather upper.  Aesthetically designed toe guard which blends perfectly into the shoe. Isolated lace protection system, Elastic tongue stabilizers. It also has a kick ass foam shock absorption system in the footbed, a System G2 heel cushion. Soft padding on tongue for added support and comfort. These come with a vulcanized rubber sole as well.

Besides all these awesome features and colors the Emerica Reynolds 3 has some other interesting facts. The shoe initaly came out for the Christmas season. The shoe model did great and has been a backbone of the Emerica line since it’s first realese, but but it was only around for a couple seasons.

Going back in time a litlte bit to 2008, one of the Emerica message board members had a killer idea. The plan was to re-release the original shoe in its original red color and after receiving a lot of positive feedback from skaters and fans alike, Emerica decided to give back to the fans and supporters. So in early 2010 they re-released the original Reynolds 3 skate shoe.

To show appreciation to all their our loyal site members, Emerica offers some special surprises with this shoe. One of the first things you might notice when you grab a pair fresh from the box is the unique EMB tag on the heel. An even close look at these kicks revels even more cool stuff. The insole of the right shoe reprints the original post requesting these kicks be brought back, and the left shoe commemorates all of the top EMB contributors who made the entire thing possible. Pretty cool stuff indeed!


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