Ryan Sheckler Shoes – Etnies Sheckler Model

You know what?

Ryan Sheckler shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes I have tried in my life!
Im sure this is mostly due to all the high end , top secret lab stuff Etnies does over at their research center, I kid you not they have cutting edge technology at this place its called Sole Technology Institute. The STI is the world’s first institute dedicated to the study of the impacts and movements skateboarding has on the human body. Try some of these kicks out and you will feel the difference from most other skater shoes out today.

Currently Ryan Sheckler has 4 pro models out with Etnies. Names The Sheckler 1 through 4. He has designed and tested each one of these pro models. These shoes are huge on comfort and performance. The tongue is the most comfortable Ive worn ever and they are all made from soft rubber and suede…very nice.The inside cushioning is like walking on soft pillows, yet they perform like a great skate shoe should.

“The Sheckler” is the first collaborative product made by Ryan Sheckler and Etnies. They have awesome board grip and feel, and offer a herringbone patterned sole which really helps keep your feet from unwanted slipping. Along with this, as mentioned before, the collar and tongue padding is beyond anything felt before and throw in some strong elastics to hold the tongue solid and in place and you’ve got a top of the line skate shoe! Some other features include, STI Foam level 2 padding with a fully wrapped heel cup for excellent support and safety.

You will have zero problem putting in a full days skating with a pair of these bad boys on. Comfort aside these shoes also really perform. The soft leather is actually really tough and abrasive resistant and they have super gummy grip soles so they are great no matter how worn out your grip tape may be. Like so many other Etnies shoes, these feature 3x stitching in the toe aera and also has special hidden lace loops to keep em out of your way while skating or whatever. The Sheckler 2, 3 and 4 all have similar features and all feel and perform great. Some of the best Etnies kicks you can buy.

Let’s look at The Sheckler 2 shoes:

Again big big big on comfort and fit, Sheckler 2 – Ryan Sheckler, also know around the world as the most loved and hated skater ever, has created his second signature skater shoe. Now compared to The Sheckler 1 I found these to hold up much better under constant wear and tear.

This was one of the first great shoes to come along to help fix the issue of the toe ripping apart too early with triple stitching in the toe aera. One downside to these is the soles wear out rather fast. Still I much prefer these to The first Sheckler shoe series

Up next is The Sheckler 3 skateboard shoe:

If you’re somewhat picky about what shoes you skate in and are into Etnies shoes then these will probably work awesome for you. Like all the mosels before it The Sheckler 3 series is super comfortable while delivering in the performance area also. I picked up a pair in green and yellow and really digg the colors and style. Great details on them along with killer board grip and of course…comfort. One thing to note about these in  particular is you might want to order yours 1-1/2 size larger then your normal skate shoe. I found the size I ordered were way too small and had to return them. Zappos was very cool about it, actually they’re awesome with customer service and returning stuff.

Finally The Sheckler 4:

Once again the good people at “Sole Technology” have not let us down in creating yet another awesome skateboarding shoe. They are always changing skate footwear for the better and making life a little easier for us who skate…and ever the ones who don’t. Another super comfortable skate shoe from Sheckler and Etnies. Out of the four pro models these are my favourite. They give awesome board grip and feel, little slippage, you do sacrifice some impact support on these because of the other features and construction but over all they are top of tthe line and set the bar high. They are also mid size shoes so they really help you avoid things like rolling over on your ankle and other nasties.

Ryan Sheckler In The Movies??

Ryan may no longer be appearing on his TV shoe “life of Ryan” but he has now set his eyes on being on the big screen….something Im sure fans and critics will have a lot to talk about. Starpulse recently interviewed up with skateboarding phenom and reality TV star to chat about the life and ups and downs of his industry and being a professional skater. They even asked him if the big screen was a future possibility.

Check it out here!