Osiris shoes for girls

Hey everyone with Halloween here and Christmas not far behind maybe consider some new Osiris shoes as a gift…..maybe even for yourself! 😀 Osiris shoes are a line of skateboarding footwear developed for those who love to skateboard. This company produces awesome kicks for everyone at pretty much every age ; man, woman and child, it doesn’t really matter Osiris shoes have something for your little ones or for you. There are different professional teams which lend their creativity and superior knowledge of the sports to the brand, which are bmx, snow, skateboarding, and surf.

Prices range from $40.00 to $90.00 and up for the higher end styles. There are seven series within the brand; duffel collection, private reserve, canvas series, seven deadly sins, 100 percent, saints and sinners, and rider revolt with more coming along the way. The shoes come in mid, low and high level in all the lines. The Osiris shoes for girls are female friendly, but still carry the edge of a skater girl.

There are high top, mid and low top shoes. The shoes come in classic colors of black and white with accents of hot pink and purple. There is also a high top shoe that comes in colors of blue cotton candy and royal blue as well, which is great for the edgy skater girl. Even though it is a nice line, it does not have as many options as the male counterpart. The prices of
this line range from $65.00 to $75.00.

The male line is likely the most versatile of the three shoe lines they have available today with skate pretty much being the most focused part of it all. They are available in a multitude of colors, styles, and materials as well, so finding the right fit for you or your loved ones is no problem. On their website there is is even a search option to help you search easier through the different options for shoes that they have. There are looks for those who want the casual masculine style that looks great under khakis or jeans. There are also styles available for the classic skater. Urbanites and people who just demand to look good who may not skate will also appreciate the styles that are available, especially the mid top shoes that for those who like the casual style of Nike air force ones for example

Osiris NYC 83

Hello yet again we have some new stuff from our buds at Osiris shoes. These are some fresh new Osiris NYC 83 skate shoes. I’m a big fan of the really bold kick Osiris produces.

I like the retro high tops and I think they know how to do it right.  I own 2 pairs of these myself I gotta say one of the biggest things I liked about them was the sick “Osiris” lettering on the backs. The different models have really different lettering but they all have a graffiti flow and look to them and wow….it all just makes for 1 insane skate shoe. Some others try and pull this look off but it just comes off looking clown shoes and just not right, usually. Doing things right yet again check out a pair of these bad boys.

As far as skate shoes go these are not the cheapest but they are pretty over the top and have everything you would look for in quality skate footwear. The thing I really love about shoes with decent ankle protection and high ankle guards is they prevent ankle bites and rolling over on it. I know myself there’s nothing worse and if I do it right it can mean a couple weeks off my board. Not good!. Anyway back to the features. Sick colors just like you’ve come to expect from Osiris . These are for sure a techinacl skater shoe with soft rounded toe and wraping side guards with really great stitching and excellent padding, infarct I believe these shoes have the best side padding for your ankles Ive owned so far. And Ive been skating for over 25 years!

Here’s a list of the features we have put together for you-

  • Genuine Suede and action leather upper
  • Fromed stitching and Ultra padded side supports for the ankle
  • Full on lace up front with lace holders
  • Cupsole construction
  • Soft, foamy tongue
  • Textile lining and cushioning PU insole
  • EVA midsole
  • Rubber super grippy soles

Whether you’re on the streets skating or just kickin it, the Osiris NYC 83 brings you to the next level of skateboard shoes . Sick colors and graphics, awesome padding and support, elastic tongue holders and comfortable as anything you’ve ever tried on….they got it all.

Osiris Shuriken

Check out the brand new Osiris Shuriken shoe. This is the pro signature skate shoe for Shuriken Shannon. They combine a fresh mix of Suede and action leather and have durable strong materials right where skaters need them most. This helps things like grip tape from shredding your new kicks way too soon. Like many out there today these shoes feature soft foam padding in both the tongue and collar which really helps cushion the foot and also helps against nasty ankle twists. While it’s not possible to avoid these all together this kinda of construction really helps. They also come with a special added lace system which you can decided to use or not. I personally find this great.

I really like the look of these shoes. Currently I own the black and white pair and I like the crisp clean look to them. They have some pretty sweet features also like Metal Osiris logos on the sides and come in a few really cool color combinations. They have both textile lining and insole and give you pretty decent board feel considering their a vulcanized sole. These are about mid range as far as skate shoes go.

You might well be thinking Shuriken Shannon is some sort of ninja star….well you might be correct. He is also a pretty dope pro skateboarder. This guy has been ripping it up for years and he’s only 23!  According to a recent interview he fills everyone on in the fact his dad picked his name for him…which is Japanese and prety much means Ninja star. No suprise since his father has mastered many martial arts and has been training for over 50 years now!

Shuriken is sponsored by Osiris shoes, Billabong, Venture trucks among others and he has been skating for over 13 years now. He claims to have started skating because”It’s the best feeling in the world”

Osiris Troma

I picked up a pair of the Osiris Troma last week mostly to wear to work since they have a really simple, crisp and clean look. I haven’t skated in them more then a few times so I’m not sure first hand how well they hold up but from what Ive seen it’s pretty dam good. These shoes have some really great features to help them sand up to punishment. They feature three layers in the toe for added protection, the construction is light but they’re made to hold up pretty good from looking at them and reading the specifications from Osiris shoes.

Now there isn’t a ton of cushion but that’s ok for me because I wont be doing tons and tons of skating in them and also I like something that’s light in a skateboard shoe and doesn’t feel bulky.
One thing I didn’t like too much is the laces so I switched them for a pair I had from my DC net shoes. A friend of mine has a pair also that he’s been skating in since last winter and they’re holding up great , he hasn’t even worn any holes in them yet.

Here are some specific features for the Osiris Troma:

  • Bold,crisp style
  • Upper made from suede, action pebble grain, mesh, or action leather for extra protection and long lasting
  • Classic skate shoe reinforcement for high impact areas like the toe and sides
  • Protective foam tongue and collar for great feel and protection
  • Duel shoe lace system for best fit and style
  • Responsive molded PU insole with complete latex protection
  • Heel insert for best possibly feel and form
  • Cupsole construction has a EVA drop-in midsole.
  • Very lightweight

Osiris pixel

The Osiris pixel are hands down my favorite skateboarding shoe from Osiris.  I love the color combination and style, they’re really really comfortable and have great grip on my board. I don’t skate with them too much because they’re not super cheap and I want to keep my pair for a long time as they look great with so much other stuff I wear. They do fit pretty narrow and on the small size so you may want to order yours a tiny bit bigger then say a DC shoe or something like that. Or if you have really wide feet these aren’t the kicks for you. Lucky for me mine fit awesome and I love em! They fit really comfortable and aren’t too big or clunky on my feet the times I have skated in them.

Some features on these shoes include:

  • They are part of the Osiris skate team series.
  • Leather upper with air ventilation system in place in the tongue and top of foot.
  • Soft foam upper paneling for great comfort, fit and performance.
  • Combined lace system allows for great style and helps save your shoe laces from being quickly destroyed, even if you don’t skate with em much they’re awesome to have and look mint.
  • Lightweight, breathable padding in collar and tongue for for airflow and good support.
  • Textile inner stitching and insole.
  • Shock resistant midsole, which is nice for landing any big tricks!
  • Ultra light professional cupsole construction with an airbag system in the heel to once again save your foot.
  • Weighs about 16 oz.

Recently the Osiris team including Shuriken Shannon, Chad Bartie, Taylor Bingaman, Corey Duffel, got together and headed out on the road to Northern California to hit up some skateboarding shops to do demos and sigh stuff. The team showed up at places like Surf & Skate, Goodtimes, Epic Skatepark, Metro, and Skate Works. Caswell Berry also showed up fresh from his three week road trip to do some
signing and even Del The Funky Homosapien poped in at Metro demo to chill with the skate team and picked up the microphone and did some awesome performing. This was an awesome time and everyone involved had a blast.