Supra Vaider

AH!…these are my favorite skate shoes ever hands down!…and last week when I moved I actually lost BOTH pairs that I own!…which was horrible but I am ordering a new pair this week. Anyway on to my review of these shoes. The Supra Vaider is like I said my favorite skate shoe out right now. Here’s why, I got my first pair because I needed something clean and crisp looking but wanted comfort and believe me these are insanely comfortable, you could almost sleep in them. The style of these are great and the colors really pop in real life. I love them. They’re just crazy…I can see maybe they could be too much for some people but not for me.

They’re made from super soft leather and my feet didn’t hurt at all even after skating in them all day. Speaking of skating in em they have some awesome features besides the look and feel. The board grip is killer I used them in he rain and they still performed awesome, I wouldn’t advise it but they held up great with little slipping. They also feature something called “SupraFoam” which I noticed really helped the feel and comfort. They have a vulcanized sole but they still feel great on your feet and not still at all.  I needed mine 1/2 size smaller so if you’re a size ten maybe for for nine and a half.

Supra is a company which has been forged,created and marketed by passionate people. Their goal is to form new and innovative classics for skaters who want detail and quality without sacrificing comfort and feel. Supra Footwear keeps on raising the bar with groundbreaking technology and modern concepts.