What Skate Shoe Is Right For Me?

Before going and spending good money on a great pair of   skate shoes you should take a little bit of time to consider your specific needs and wants in a skate shoe. A little bit for forethought and research will pay off big time in he end and keep you from having a great pair of shoes that do nothing but collect dust in your closet. Here are a few items to consider before making your purchase:

* Fit: Some shoes have a wide fit and some a narrow fit. Don’t just get something because it looks cool. If it isn’t a proper fit to your foot then don’t waste your money. You want to get about one half inch between your big toe and the end of the shoe.
* Skating needs: Consider if you will be using your new skate shoes for a lot of skateboarding or do you want something that just looks good to hang out in. If you are going to be using them for a lot of skating then be sure to get something made from tough, long lasting materials.
* Cost: Everyone wants a great looking pair of shoes. But you don’t want to be scared to shred em up and have some fun in them either. Think about how much you want to spend and how quickly your skating will wear out your new kicks. If you think you will be going through a lot of skate shoes then budget accordingly and pick a shoe that will meet both your skating and style needs.
* Read The Specs: Be sure to read through the details we provide you when you find a new shoe you like. We offer you all the info you need on every pair of skate shoes so you can make an informed decision. Things like lace protectors, ollie and toe pads, heel cushion systems…we give you all the details so read before you decide. Many brands like Adio Shoes and DC Shoes offer you an huge variety of fit, grip and flex to give you the very best board feel and skate experience.

X Games and Vert Skateboarding

On April 3rd,2008  ESPN announced it would be ending its Vert skateboarding contest for the X Games.

This is one of the X Games longest running events and has naturally caused a great deal of controversy throughout the extreme sports world. It was during the vert skating that the world witnessed Tony Hawks mind blowing 900,pushing the bounds of skateboarding and physics Tony Hawk has picked up 16 gold medals since 1995 in the vert section and it’s been a staple for many other pros like Andy Macdonald and Pierre Luc Gagnon, both multiple gold medal winners.

The X-Games vert contest helped push skateboarding into the mainstream in the late 90s and also paved the way for things to come in the world of the X-Games and extreme sports.

But as early as 2000 ratings for the vert contests have have gone down and ratings have dropped significantly every year over the last 4 years. Sponsors such as Red Bull and Vans have pulled out and ESPN fully stand behind their choice to replace it with a “super park” saying it was verts time to go.

The Call To Save Vert…

A lot of industry pros are standing up for X Games vert.

Skaters like Andy Macdonald are pushing to keep it and have cited the events format as a possible cause in the down slide of ratings. Macdonald has said the contests needs more skating action to keep the interest peaked and to keep the entire thing feeling less like a “Golf game” with far too many breaks in the action.

Many skaters and fans alike want to keep the event around and are hoping to get bigger ramp contests involving new super ramps such as the “Mega Ramp”. Many fear without the support of the X Games this evolution of Vert skating will be stunted. Along with the progression of vert only tricks and the sport as a whole.

Time to go?…

Other Skaters and industry leaders agree with ESPN, even if it’s with a heavy heart. Some see the decision as merely an attempt to stay ahead of the curve and the introduction on the super park as a way to push the limits of skateboarding and skate contests. For now the X Games will have to wait and see if the super park pays off and is a positive influence on the sport.

The future of vert is unknown at this point. If this is another mini death for the sport it wont be the 1st.Vert has been forced underground a number of times over past decades. There has been a decline in vert ramps at parks and many feel it will be going back to private warehouses and backyards.


Skate Shoe Prices

Price is often an issue when buying new skate shoes, especially with today’s tough economy. Most people don’t want to be putting out hundreds if not thousands of dollars in new skate shoes every year. However it’s always a balance act between good price and good durability/board feel and grip. You may find that saving a few dollars on cheap shoes will only result in them getting worn down quickly and you having to go through more pairs. Pretty much defeats the purpose of buying cheap ones in the first place, doesn’t it?

Well there is a difference between “cheap” and inexpensive. If you really need a solid skate shoe to last you for months or maybe longer consider buying shoes with a non-vulcanized sole. This will give the soles of your shoes extra toughness and long life. Do consider however that vulcanized soles are thinner which will result in a somewhat better skating experience due to heighten board feel and grip. Brands like DC Shoes and Adio Shoes offer you awesome technical skate shoes at a decent price. Some of their series get expensive but a mid rage DC shoe should offer you top of the line features without breaking the bank. If you need something that costs a little less consider a brand like Vans skate shoes. They make good all around shoes at excellent prices. You may not have all the bells and whistles that come with the more higher end brands however for the money spent Vans are a great buy indeed.
So take your time and figure out what skate shoe is going to both meet your budget needs and your skateboarding needs.
With so many awesome shoes and signature models on the market today it should be no problem finding the right one for you. And we are here to help

We hope this gives you a little insight on price factors when considering buying new skateboarding footwear.

Ryan Sheckler

It’s come to our attention that a lot of the visitors to this page are looking for Ryan Sheckler shoes – If you happen to be one of them, make sure to check out our Etnies Sheckler review!

Ryan Sheckler has taken the world by storm in recent years. The pro skateboarding phenomena has been ripping it up on a board since he could stand and has kept pushing his skills since. His smash hit TV show “Life of Ryan” give a candid look into the ups and downs of being a young pro skater. The show has been a wildly popular hit with skaters and non skaters alike and is one of   MTV’s top shows!
Ryan was born on December 30th 1989 in San Clemente California.

In The Beginning

According to Sheckler he began riding his 1st skate board at the young age of only 18 months old. Obsessed with his fathers old Alva board with 10 inch wheels hanging in his parents garage, this motivated Ryan to get on a board at a very young age. By the age of 6 Ryan Sheckler was taking skateboarding very seriously and was practicing an average of 22 hours a week on his own backyard ramps. His favorite skater Tony Hawk came to his 7th birthday party and took time to show the ropes to Ryan. This helped launch his future into the skateboarding world even further.

The Start of a Career

Sheckler began to enter and win the CASL skateboarding championships and at the age of 10 he got his 1st sponsor. He turned pro in 2003 after winning the X Games and also in that year he was named Dew action sports Athlete of the Year. In 2004 Ryan was named National street Champion in the World Cup of Skateboarding. In 2006 he won Australians Global Assault contest.

Ryan Sheckler’s commitment to skateboarding is 100% and he has the broken bones to prove it. Of his many breaks and injuries Ryan says his worst was on a failed smith grind attempt down a large handrail. This result in him breaking his foot in 2 places and is his worst injury to date.

Despite his injuries and risk to life and limb Sheckler stays committed to his sport. ”Skateboarding is my life and I do it because I love it” as he says….although he does also say if he wasn’t involed in skateboarding then motocross would for sure become his new passion.

Other Interests and Other Projects

Besides Skating and Motocross Ryan is very into Snowboarding and Surfing. He is also a big time music fan and his favourite bands are Guns and Roses and The Cure.
His favorite skaters are Paul Rodriguez Rodney Mullen and Jereme Rogers, to name a few.He has 2 younger brothers who also like to skate, Shane and Kane.
His sponsors include Etnies, Volcom, Oakles, Red Bull and Panasonic.
Besides TV Ryan Sheckler has gotten into movies as well. MVP, Grind and Dishdogz are a few films he’s been in. Recently Ryan has been seen on Donald Trumps hit reality show” Pageant Place” he was also recently seen on the Ellen Show.

Rob Dyrdek

Ohio native Rob Dyrdek has become an international skateboarding sensation. Perhaps best known for his  DC shoes, over-the-top antics and hit  MTV  reality show “Rob and Big”, there seems to be no stopping Rob and his skateboarding empire.

Dyrdek began skating at the age of eleven and won his first amateur contest one month later.

His displays of skateboarding talent did not go unnoticed. Later in the same year he was picked up by G&S skateboards and was officially the youngest member of their team.At age sixteen Rob turned pro for the company Alien Workshop and placed fourth in his first ever pro contest.

This was truly a sign of great things to come. One of his first sponsorship deals was with Droors Clothing, which later became the giant” DC Shoes”. It was through this relationship that Rob was given the opportunity to design one of the first “Signature” skate shoes for the company.

40 Thousand Feet Of Fun…

Rob took a number of years off from professional competition to work on a variety of other projects including acting, writing and creating his own Hip Hop label. He began to compete again at the age of twenty-five and it was around this time he noticed a real lack of skate parks and poor quality construction of the ones being built. Rob took it upon himself with the help of his friends at DC to create the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza. This 40,000 square foot skate park was opened in June of 2005 and has been featured in a large number of videos and magazines.

The park’s construction was based on numerous pictures and videos taken by Rob at his favourite skating spots. So in effect the DC Plaza is an accumulation of all of Rob Dyrdek’s most-loved spots.

Rob And Big…

Rob’s best friend and body guard Christopher “Big Black” Boyken made his first appearance with Rob in the skate world during the DC Video. Their hilarious sketch, with Rob playing the hassled skater and Big in the role of skater security guard, caught the eye of MTV producers.
It was from this DC video that we now have the mega hit reality TV series ”Rob and Big”

The Show first aired on MTV in 2006 and it took off with lightning speed, instantly becoming a cult hit with skaters and non-skaters alike! Rob and Big showcases the outrageous fun and adventures they have while sharing their home in the Hollywood Hills. The show also features some great animal cast members including their bull dog “Meaty” and their miniature horse, appropriately named “Mini Horse”, who appeared in the second season.

Tony Hawk Foundation

The Tony Hawk Foundation was set up in 2002 as a way to help create more skate parks across the U.S.
Tony Hawk skates for a number of great companies including Adio shoes and has been pushing the bounds of skateboarding over the past 3 decades.He is considered the most influential vert skater of all time and has pulled off some mind blowing innovative tricks including the 900 at the 1999 X-Games.Much of modern skateboarding owes credit to Tony for his skill and dedication to the sport….and for what he has given back to it also.Over the years,Tony has received thousands of email from kids and parents alike nation wide,asking for help to find a legal place to skate where the kids wouldn’t be harassed or even arrested
The Start of Something Great!

.It was out of these letters and emails that Tony Hawk started the Tony Hawk Foundation in 2002.The foundation seeks to support and empower youth specifically through the building and proper maintenance  of good quality skate parks.A main focus of the foundation is to get great skate parks in low income areas across the nation.

In recent years many cities and communities have been building skate parks however many of these are built incorrectly without proper foresight and many issues including unnecessary injury have occured.So the Tony Hawk Foundation provides these communities with proper pre and post construction issues.The parks need funding,support and need to be designed by a professional who knows the ins and outs of skateboarding.This is where the Foundation comes in.

Answering The Call…

They make sure the park is done correctly and meets the needs of all the people using it as to not waste the communities money and every ones time.The Tony Hawk foundation has given over 1.7 million to more then 330 skate parks nation wide! they have also spread out $80,000 in ramp equipment through its ramp affiliates and partners.

The skate parks that the Tony Hawk Foundation have funded serves over 1.5 million kids every year and has been a tremendously positive force in helping kids who want a place to skate. We salute Tony Hawk,the foundation and all people involved for giving back to the communities and for giving so much to the sport of skateboarding.

A great cause and a great foundation.

Be sure to check out Tony Hawks signature shoes on our Adio shoes page!

Best Fit For Skateboarding Shoes

Skate shoe fit is of utmost importance. Let’s face it, they might look cool, they might be at the price you want but if the fitting isn’t dead on you will be stuck with shoes that feel like goofy clown feet or something that pinches you and is more trouble to wear then they’re worth. So clearly a good fit is needed. Especially in the sport of skateboarding where good  skate shoes can make a world of difference. We have created this guide to assist you in getting the correct fit and size for your skateboarding needs.


When you go to try on new skate shoes be sure you are wearing your normal socks. In other words the socks you normally skate in. If you wear thicker socks during your skate sessions then be sure this is what you are wearing at the time of trying them on.  Socks will make a big difference to how the skate shoes fit. If you are buying skate shoes online then simply try on that same brand at your local shoe store to make sure you are getting the right size.

Try on shoes after skating

To get a true fit and size you need to go shoe shopping after a good session (just please bring some fresh socks to the store!) the reason for this is your feet will actually swell considerably during a good session. So what fits great in the morning before skating might very well feel awful an hour into your skateboarding. And that’s no fun.


Shoes and feet come in 2 general sizes, narrow and wide. This will make a huge difference to getting the right fit also. A
shoe may be in your size lengthwise however width can be a different story. Some brands make very wide shoes, like DC shoes and some stick to the more narrow kind. Be sure to pay attention to this and if you are ordering online make sure to check out the shoes specifications for width. If you can’t find this information try reading some of the reviews or contact the customer service support.

They should be able to answer all your skate shoe questions.

Feelin’ good…right away!

Your new skate shoes should feel great as soon as you put them on. Be wary of trying to “break them in” chances are if they don’t feel good in the store when trying them on, they will only feel worse after wearing them day to day. Make sure no part of your foot is rubbing against any interior part of the shoe as this will result in the dreaded blisters and other nasty things. If you do order online and you end up not liking the feel when they arrive most online skate shoe merchants offer great return policies, usually at no charge to the customer. Be sure to check this out on the stores website before making a purchase.

Skate Shoe Durability

Skate shoe durability should be at the top of the list of things to consider when buying a new pair of skate shoes. Skate shoe durability basically means “How long your shoe will last” With a large number of skate shoes you may have to sacrifice some flexibility and board grip in order to get a longer lasting shoe and vice verse. So if you don’t find it’s in your budget to buy new shoes very often then you will want to pay close attention to how the shoe is actually constructed, what materials are being used and generally how long they will hold up.
If you skateboard 7 days a week and are doing a lot of tricks, especially ollie tricks and flip tricks, then you’re going to want something that lasts.
In this article we take a look at what goes in to making a really tough, durable skate shoe. The three things we will be looking at specifically are:

* Super Suede
* non-vulcanized soles
* Plastic protective toe caps

Super Suede is currently the biggest thing to come out of DC shoes. Durable, soft and with killer board feel this innovative new material being used on most of DC shoes new lines. It is proven much stronger the regular suede. In fact Super Suede is currently testing at double the strength of regular suede. This is awesome because the rider now gets all the comfort and great board feel that would come in a regular skate shoe, without having to deal with holes only a few weeks later. Super Suede really does bring the best of both worlds together and it looks like this top of the line material could be the future of skate shoes. You can look for it on the following pro series:

-Danny Way Signature Shoe
-Colin McKay Griffin Shoe
-Lynx 2 Series

A non-vulcanized sole. A non-vulcanized sole means that the sole of your skate shoe will be much harder and will last up to twice as long as vulcanized soles. Shoes that feature non-vulcanized soles are brands like DVS shoes and Globe shoes. Now it might sound great that they will hold our for so long but you have to remember that you are giving up a certain amount of comfort, flex and board feel with the non-vulcanized soles due to it being thicker and harder. So if money is not an issue and you plan on updating your skateboarding foot wear often then you may want to consider brands like Emerica, DC shoes and Adio shoes.

Plastic protective toe caps. These are pretty cool because, as you will find if you do any serious skateboarding, the toe area especially the outside edge of the toe will be torn and ripped apart quite quickly from your boards grip tape. Ollie and flip tricks usually make this happen fairly quickly. Brands like Osiris skate shoes feature a protective toe guard that keeps this to a minimum while leaving your skateboarding unhindered. This is a far better option the dealing with messy shoe goo or unsightly duct tape.

So be sure to look for these following features if you need a long lasting skate shoe. Remember the positives and the negatives of these features and good luck in your skate shoe hunt.

Pool Skating

As Far Back as the early 60’s skaters have been seeking empty pools in hopes of finding endless hours of pure skateboarding mayhem and enjoyment. The back yard pool skate session is the backbone of skateboarding and without it and its pioneers we wouldn’t have the awesome sport of skateboarding as we know it today!

Skate bowls, vert ramps and street sessions all owe something to the backyard pool. More than just a large concrete hole in the ground, these empty pools, left to ruin, were a major skateboarding paradise and an all around good time party
They were part of a golden age and the start of greatness.

Z Boyz..

Born in California, pool skating got its first real wave back in the drought of ‘76 when many backyard pools were left empty.
Shredders like Tony Alva and Stacy Perelta pushed the bounds of skating through pool sessions along with the rest of the Z-Boys. It was in the pools where Alva pulled off some of the first ever recorded front and backside airs along with slash grinds and the first real lips tricks. This was the start of a true revolution for skateboarding. Skating the steep walls of these pools also gave birth to Vert Skating along with many new and more intense tricks.
The Z-Boys were notorious for going all out in order to get a good pool to ride and were consistently hassled by the police and the city for their efforts.

An empty pool is a terrible thing to waste

Like a miner looking for gold, skaters have been doing whatever they can to find that glorious site of a concrete pool void of all liquid. To this day pool skating and skaters have remained ever vigilant in reclaiming concrete pools, constantly clearing debris of all kinds, dealing with the cities and police in the name of a killer session.
Some skaters have been lucky enough to get “permission pools” where they can shred hassle free.

One of these was the Pala round pool, one of the most famous pools of San Diego. Pala became well known through many magazines and videos and gave lots of kids their first taste of pool skating. Pala had an awesome design for skating including a sunken love seat and challenging coping. The pool also had an open fence, no home owners, no pad rules, no fees, no locals, no neighbors and was open 7 days a week. With all this Pala was truly a skateboarding heaven and was the scene of many skate  parties, live band concerts and late night sessions.
You can still find lots of great pools today, Places like Burger Bowl in Huntington Beach or Holiday Bowl both host an army of skateboarding fiends.