Circa Shoes

Circa Shoes was started in 1999, and is based out of San Clemente, California. Started up by Four Star Distribution and pro skater Chad Muska, Circa makes some of the best skateboarding shoes around. Combining bold, artistic design, with the function of a great skate shoe, Circa is at the top of the shoe game.

Back in 1999, Four Star was pretty much a snowboard company, but, in 2004, they sold their snowboarding properties to Burton snowboards, and, since then, the company has been dedicated to skate shoes. Along with this change came their new motto, “Committed to Skateboarding”, which reflects the company’s main purpose

As Muska put it,” “I wouldn’t just go and jump into any mainstream corporate company. I felt that Four Star Distribution was one of the more ‘core companies’–all of their backgrounds are in skateboarding, all their distributors and reps are already skate-related, and everybody down there skates.”
In 2005 Chad Muska and Four Star parted ways, with Muska going to Supra Footwear, as well as non-skate related projects, including producing his own hip hop album, “MuskaBeatz”, which included the talents of Raekwon, Special Ed, KRS-One and Ice-T.

In the Spring of 2006, Circa released its 1st,full-length video, entitled, “It’s Time”, which features the amazing skateboarding of Jon Allie, Sierra Fellers, Adrian Lopez, Windsor James, Dennis Durrant, Colt Cannon, Tony Tave and Peter Ramondetta.

Our Top 5 C1rca Shoes!

Enjoy some of the best  in these fresh 205 Destroyers….they feature extra strong layered materials, a C1 Reflex heel which is fused to the insole to help with absorbing impact. They are lightweight have great flex and they look sweet.

Like all his other pro series the Lopez 805 were all designed and tested by Adrian Lopez. These feature sick graphics and color combinations . They have a special reflex footbed, Protected ollie aera and damage resistant materials.

These great retro high tops come in some over the top styles and colors. They feature special tread pattern for top notch grip, vulcanized construction and extra heel and arch support. A great shoes from Circa…

The Lopez Widow maker series has soft breathable material, full length midsole and  special grip pattern for a sure foot. They feature some sick, colourful graphics and have an excellent look and feel to them. Grab yourself a pair of these great straight forward skate shoes.  Bold graphics and strong design make this our 5th pick

Circa 99

99 are a serious skate shoe. With innovative features like air chamber cushion systems, TPU lacing protection, double layer latex footbed and quality construction you really can’t go wrong with the 99 series. They also feature sick graphics and amazing board fell and grip.


Yet another great shoe , the Bandit has top of the line materials, reinforced upper, tongue holders and lightweight materials hat easily allow for great air flow and comfort.

205 Destroyer

This is one of our favourite shoes. Killer style and colors, lightweight EVA midsole and Rubber toe guards and just a few of its awesome features. They also feature a special low impact material to save you from heel bruises and general discomfort. Along with excellent grip and flex you really cant go wrong with a pair of these kicks!

205 Vulc

The 205 Vulc series comes in a large selection of upper materials to give you a a killer choice in the look you want. They feature thin lightweight padding to allow for great flex and feel. Removable ankle straps, rubber cushion heels and fusion grip makes these a top of the line pick for any serious skater.

8 Track

This awesome retro hi-top series features nubuck uppers, vulcanized construction, Soft rubber heel cushions added heel and arch support. They have killer old school graphics and give you great flex and board grip while tearing up the streets. Grab yourself a pair today!

805 Lopez

the 805 Lopez are designed and tested by pro skater Adrian Lopez! The have killer graphics, a C1 Reflex Cushion footbed, along with a padded ollie area to give them extra long lasting wear from the daily punishment you give em while skating.