DC Shoes

Over the past decade, DC Shoes have grown from a small T-Shirt company into one of the most influential action-sport shoe companies in the world. Founded by Ken Block and Damon Way, DC has consistently pushed the boundaries in skate shoes and fashion to ground- breaking levels with not only an amazing selection of both men’s and women’s shoes, but great products across the board from  hats to  backpacks.

Backed by such talented skate pros as Rob Dyrdek, Danny Way and Colin Mckay. The release of “The DC Video” in 2003 showcased these athletes mind-blowing talent and featured Danny Way pushing the boundaries of vert skateboarding. Breaking not just one, but two world records consecutively.  Besides skate shoes, they also makes top of the line footwear for snowboarding, BMX , Motocross and Rally racing.

All backed by a solid team of professionals athletes in their respective sport. They have also  become a huge favorite with celebrities too. Big names from Lil Wayne to Adam Sandler can be seen sporting DC’s gear and the DC logo.

Recently the company released a book entitled “Agents of Change” which chronicles their humble beginnings right through to leading the way in action-sports wear. The book is also a great archive of landmark ads, logos,illustrations and more. We simply cant wait to see what the talent at DC will come up with next!



The AT-2 MX has some pretty sick features, including Aerotech air flow system for maximum comfort, synthetic upper for long lasting wear, upper panel vent system, foam padded tongue and extra ankle support to avoid roll overs and other nasty spills. Be sure to grab yourself a pair of these bad boys today.


Versatile are a heavy duty skate shoe for the serious skater. They have many amazing cutting edge features. Such as, a PAL AB protective ollie strip, hidden tongue holders, super DGT bottoms for top control and grip, large air-cushion and multi tone bottoms. These shoes will not disappoint.

Need more DC Shoes? Check out some of these below.

DC Block Spartan

DC Spartan

dc purist
dc tonik
dc dyrdek
dc net
dc pure
dc pro spec
dc manteca
dc court graffik
dc nate adams
dc flawless
dc smith

DC – Spartan

Now this is a excellent skate shoe!….breathable materials, soft lining, tongue padding and ankle supports make this one of the best  shoes for your money right now. Grab a pair today.

DC – Tempo

Sick graphics and a wicked style along with superior durability and flex are what got this shoe on our top 5 list!.. They feature a special cushion heel, foam padding and ankle supports and hidden tongue stabilizers to keep everything in place for you.

DC – Rob Dyrdek

These Rob Dyrdeks offer a crisp, fresh look with bold graphics and style. They are great traction, heel support,soft lining and excellent materials

This is the signature shoe series for pro skater Rob Dyrdek. They have a great look and feel to them. They feature a sweet extra grip sole for a non slip ride,crisp graphics and a tough material with a soft feel for the best of both worlds. These are a kick ass skate shoe from one of our favourite pros. Be sure to check out Rob on his hit show “Rob and Big”…grab yourself some Dyrdek’s and go skate.

DC Command

Another great shoe series. The DC Commands feature everything you need in a great skate shoe. Extra toe protection, padded tongue, ankle support and a special patent pending rubber sole which provides you with extra grip and traction. Awesome all around shoe for skating or chillin.

DC character We really love the style, look and feel of these shoes!..The graphics have a great urban-street look to them and with scuff resistant materials, ultra flex and super grip soles you really cant go wrong with a pair of these  Character kicks.

Pure and  Pure XE

2 great shoe series. The  pure feature very durable SUPER SUEDE, light, mesh materials, super grip gum sole and DGT bottoms for enhanced performance. The Pure XE have full grain upper, thin wraped cupsole and hidden tongue straps to keep it in place.

DC Journal

These lightweight shoes are made from a super tough suede. They feature ankle padding, mesh tongue and provide excellent grip.  They have a simple yet stylish look we really like.