DC Snowboard Boots

Hey guys, as most of you know by now Im sure DC shoes doesn’t just make skate shoes, they is also a fine line of DC snowboard boots to choose from if you’re into snowboarding. We spend a lot of time up in gorgeous Vancouver Canada so I always get a chance to try this amazing sport out and I can tell you DC make some really great boots. Check out some of our reviews below including the DC Boa boots.

DC Status Boa Snowboard Boots

Back for 2011 it’s the DC Boa boot . These are pretty sweet. Super super comfortable due to features like internal air venting systems along with ultra soft lining really helps to take some of the stress off your feet. We all know you can’t just slip your boots off as easily as say a pair of skate shoes, but with features like these you really wont need to.  The tongue is comfortable while still tight fitting for all the support you need, and a welded backstay and ankle supports make sure your feet stay were they are supposed to.  These boots really give you the best of both worlds while snowboarding, superb flexibility while they maintain  their tough construction and build.

Now as far as fit goes, I would always recommend you buy a size larger because your feet will still swell and you can always wear thicker socks, something I always do while up on the hills anyways.  These boots aren’t very cheap either in construction or price. So if you really need to make your budget stretch these may not be for you but I’m really loving my pair.

DC Judge Boa Snowboard Boots

Another hit for 2011 is the DC Judge Boot. As far as features go I would say this boot is very similar to the Status boot in that they both feature tight fitted tongues, offer tons of comfort and have great features like reinforced welding and heel support. I don’t think these are as flexible as the Status but other then that and some exterior design differences I’d say they’re both pretty close and both awesome snowboarding boots.

Product Features

* Upper Material: Synthetic leather & PU-coated mesh
* Added heel support
* Tough EVA midsole
* Shell Lacing: Boa Focus
* Soft and comfortable interior and lining
* Separate removable lining
* Made for mountain and freestyle snowboarding
* Comes complete with 1 year warranty from DC

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