Emerica Shoes

Emerica shoes is one of several awesome companies founded by skater and skate shoe pioneer Pierre-André Senizergues. He is is extremely focused with taking skateboard footwear to the next level and making his company all it can be.Senizergues is passionate about skateboarding and everything behind it too. His dedication to his art and sport have made him and his company a huge success on a global level and has made him a living legend in skateboarding. Emerica shoes was launched back in 1996 and since day 1 they have not lost their initial focus and goal. These shoes are designed by pro skaters and are created to withstand extreme punishment and abuse while keeping a stylish. Emerica represents complete skate dedication!

Check out some killer Emerica shoes below like the Emerica Jinx. These are some pretty sweet kicks and feature cool stuff like STI Foam Light Level 1 foot beds and 400 NBS rubber outsole. Or check out something like the Emerica Vette. I’m a big big fan of these shoes especially the Grey and Purple style. They have features that include STI Foam Level 2 footbed cushioning system and sick colors.

Sole Technology is a world renowned authority of high end , top of the line skate shoes and clothing. The company’s various brands include such giants skateboarding such as — etnies, éS, Emerica and ThirtyTwo.

The people at Sole work hard to help your feet protected and working their best while you’re skating round the clock. As most of you know skateboarding can leave you with injuries and countless ankle sprains and roll overs to only mention a few of the issues faced every day. When you’re skating, even if you’re not pulling off huge gaps and stairs your feet are impacting tons of pressure each session. Emerica shoes are built to help minimize all of this and let you keep doing what you love, skating. The Sole Technology institute utilizes a unique impact Plate to calculate to force a skaters feet are exposed to under various situations and scenarios. All of their ground breaking technology and work has helped to develop awesome systems and product advancements like the shock absorbing System G2
In recent news, Emerica released its eagerly anticipated third video, Stay Gold,to the world. The Emerica skate team recently left for a massive global tour to promote the film in locations such as Hollywood, Vancouver, Des Moines, New York, Paris, Vienna and Stuttgart.



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