Globe Shoes

Globe shoes are based out of Melbourne Australia and was founded in 1994 by pro skaters Matt Steven and Peter Hill. They make a great lightweight skate shoes that deliver in performance and style. They include features such as padded tongues, internal tongue holders to keep it from slipping to either side, which is really annoying! Other features of Globe shoes are drop in midsole, special toe caps in the area where your foot grinds against the grip tape ,shock guards and triple layered rubber for long life and good wear. Globe recently released a series of skateboarding videos through the internet entitled “United by Fate”

Globe is a regular sponsor of the extreme sport filled “X Games” where fans witnessed Tony Hawks mind blowing 900.Be sure to check out The Tony Hawk Foundation.

In January of 2005 Globe launched its new d30 technology to the skateboarding world. This, according to Globe, is intelligent molecules which constantly adjust to the skaters needs. During regular walking this technology gives the shoe a soft cushioned feel. But upon hard fast impact the molecules quickly jump together to form a protective barrier between the skaters feet and the ground or board. Be sure to check out our great selection of Globe shoes. We know you will have no problem finding something to suite all your skating needs.

Our Top 5 Globe Shoes!

Globe – Fusion

Our 1st Globe pick is the Fusion series. They have reinforced stitching, super padded ankle and colar support, excellent track and grip. A serious shoe for serious skaters.

Globe – Chet Thomas Darkstar (White/Black) – Footwear

Now this is what we consider the ultimate heavy duty skate shoe. The Thomas Darkstar is the signature shoe from pro skate Chet Thomas. They have molded rubber toe guard, molded lace protection system, excellent grip instep sock lining, air vents, lightweight mesh and durable materials. Grab yourself a pair today

Globe – Focus

These kick ass shoes feature double padded tongue, hidden tongue holder, extra soft midsole with super cushion system and killer graphics on top. You cant go wrong with a pair of these for skating or just relaxing.

Globe – Finale

These great skate shoes feature extra layered toe, triple stitching, clean crisp graphics, padded tongue and an EVA cushion system. Great for skating or just for casual wear.

Globe – Mumford Altar

This lightweight shoe features key vents, Extra tough leather and triple stitching. Grab yourself a pair of them today.


In our first Globe shoe series we have the Vice series. A great all around skate shoe,  Vice provide you with good grip and flex. Along with Voxel 2 cupsole and triple stitching, the Vice series are an excellent choice.
Globe – Vice (Khaki/Choco) – Footwear   Globe – Vice (Vice (Printed Canvas/Suede)) – Footwear   Globe – Vice (White) – Footwear


These killer shoes hidden tongue straps, drop in EVA midsoles, Stitched quarters and great flex and feel.
Globe – Focus (White/White) – Footwear   Globe – Focus (White/Gold Metallic) – Footwear   Globe – Focus (Black/Weave) – Footwear


Kick back and chill in these killer casual shoes. They have a ultra soft cushion system, Strong lightweight mesh for added air flow and provide great traction and grip. Globe Castro…grab yours today!
Globe – Castro Lite (Khaki Mesh) – Footwear   Globe – Castro Lite (Military/Khaki) – Footwear   Globe – Castro (White/Black) – Footwear

Haslam Sabaton

One of the best skate shoes out today the Haslam series has some outstanding features. Extended toe guard, Stamped rivets, and form fitted inners to name just a few. The toe of these shoes has special texture for supreme ollie grip. With double poron layers in the outsole and awesome flex and grip you simply cant go wrong with a pair of these kick ass shoes.
Globe – Haslam-Sabaton (Earth/White) – Footwear   Globe – Haslam-Sabaton (White/Light Brown) – Footwear   Globe – Haslam-Sabaton (Black/Neo Snake) – Footwear

The Don

Check out these casual loafers .They feature hand sewn toe panel, secure upper straps, and EVA footbeds. Look great and feel great doin it in a pair of “The Don” Special Edition shoe box with every pair!
Globe – The Don (Earth/Khaki/Pinstripe) – Footwear   Globe – The Don (Natural/Tan) – Footwear   Globe – The Don (Earth/Antique) – Footwear


Awesome new style, these  Mace shoes feature action leather, enhanced air flow system in the toes and custom fit lacing for the personal touch. Throw in mesh lining, EVA midsoles and a CM rubber outsole and you have a killer pair of skate shoes!
Globe – Mace (Tan/Light Stone) – Footwear   Globe – Mace (Black/3d Multi) – Footwear   Globe – Mace (Charcoal/Silver) – Footwear

Appleyard Vagrant

These shoes have an innovative raw design. This new shoe from pro skater Mark Appleyard combine Suede, leather and canvas. They sport Frayed and distressed details, super resistant stitching, hidden lacing system and form fitting construction. They also feature a gel heel pad for maximum comfort.
Globe – Appleyard Vagrant (Brown/Navy) – Footwear   Globe – Appleyard Vagrant (Black/Red) – Footwear   Globe – Appleyard Vagrant (Black/Charcoal) – Footwear


If you are looking for a serious tech skate shoe loaded with features then the Fusion series is for you. Hands down one of our favourites they feature reinforced stitching, triple layered toe cap. TRP ollie system, hidden lace option, unique heel stabilizer and an inner sock made from lightweight mesh makes this one of the best skate shoes on the market. Be sure to grab yourself a pair before they sell out!
Globe – Fusion (White/Black/Grey) – Footwear   Globe – Fusion (Black/Charcoal/Daymare) – Footwear   Globe – Fusion (Black/Charcoal) – Footwear