Go Skateboarding Day

June 21 is fast approaching,and the skateboarding world will once again celebrate its own international holiday, Go Skateboarding Day 2011.
From its small and humble beginnings in 2003 in southern California (where else?), this event has captured the attention of skateboarders around the world as one day to drop whatever they are into and to do their thing, relax, have some fun and forget all of their troubles.

This special day was founded by the Intentional Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) and is the official holiday of skateboarding. On June 21 you will find skaters in most major cities everywhere out to demonstrate their skills in local contests as well as raise funds for many charities and also to support their sport and its related merchants, suppliers and gear manufacturers, including those who make and sell skate shoes, boards and clothing.

Each year the day attracts more and more participants who gather to enjoy their friends and colleagues in skate parks everywhere, establishing traditions and rituals that have evolved among skateboard enthusiasts for many years. This day has evolved as a one not only to have some fun, but to show people around the world what skateboarding is really all about.
Often seen as a rebellious sport, this day’s events and the work of the people involved demonstrates that skateboarding is fun and the participants are creative and eager to help the communities where they live and work.

Last year’s Go Skateboarding Day had amazing success as many thousands of skaters participated in more than 500 events. The day was attended supported by well-known pro-skaters, particularly in New York City and at Venice Beach in California. One event called “Wild in the Streets” was a huge success not only in the US cities, but in Sao Paulo, Madrid, London and Montreal.
Other international events were staged in countries like South Africa, Columbia, China and South Africa.

Clearly, Go Skateboarding Day has evolved as an international holiday to honor and unite skaters in spirit and friendship, with thousands from all over the world get together on one special day to celebrate their exciting and fun-loving sport.

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