Ipath Gall

I bought my first pair of Ipath Gall shoes about 2 months ago and have skated in them a fair amount so far and this is my review of them. So to get the bad stuff out of the way first, I wouldn’t say these are the most durable skate shoe around. After skating in the for about 3 weeks some of the glue on the side started coming off and I did get a small hole in them. Mind you I was using them a lot for skating but compared to say my Ipath reed shoes these got torn up quicker. Having said that I pretty much love everything else about these shoes.
They feature a sturdy Velcro strap which helps to keep everything in place while riding or whatever. I found the bottom grip on them to be excellent even with wet grip tape!  Also the ankle strap is very cool and works great.I also am really into the graphics and colors of the kind I got and the over all look is pretty sweet. I found them quite lightweight also.

Here are some listed features of the Ipath Gall

  • Designed by Ipath pro skater Fred Gall.
  • Leather or hemp upper.
  • Supportive ankle straps.
  • Logo graphics and hardware.
  • Textile Inside.
  • 3X stitching in the front for added guard against wear and tear.
  • Vulcanized Style.
  • Ultra rubber bottom for awesome grip.
  • 17.00 oz.

Ipath pro Fred Gall is a no BS, straightforward street skater who’s wisdom and experience is well beyond his years. He is often referred to as “Uncle Freddy” by his team mates and is looked up to by many in skateboarding today. Fred is as solid as a street skater can get.
This East Coast pro has been ripping it up since the early 90s and shows no signs of slowing down. He is a true master of innovation and always brings something fresh and new to the scene. He is much more focused on shredding and tearing up rough terrain then doing technical flip tricks over and over again.

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