Ipath Hemp Shoes

Ipath makes quite a few different shoes from durable hemp material. This falls in line with the companies green attitude and image and it’s a pretty cool thing all around. So let’s check out what’s out right now for ipath hemp shoes.

First up we have the Ipath Cats. Hand down these skate shoes are some of the best feeling kicks you can put on your feet. Super comfortable and a really good fit.  Strong hemp fabric and ventilated suede upper are a nice touch and the look and style to these are a chukka boot style but with a round toe and tough stitching. Like I said these are really comfortable to wear and as with most new skateboard shoes out today they feature a thick protective foam collar for your ankles along with a padded tongue. These items also help with fit especially while skating which is a plus. Also like with most Ipath shoes they have the hidden stash spot in the tongue. I always liked this feature on their stuff. Textile inside and soft,removable foam insoles take the comfort level up ever further. These also have killer grip with good traction on the soles.

Up next we have the Ipath Grasshopper. These are a pretty traditional Ipath style shoe complete with bold colors and fine hemp materials. These are probably my favourite Ipath hemp shoes out today. When I got my first pair of these in the mail I was pretty happy. They were ultra comfort as soon as I slipped them on my feet and and so far they have held up really well I’ve been skating in my pair for just over 3 months now, mind you not every day.

Some features of the Grasshopper include :

Thick, foam collar,really comfortable footbed and padded soft tongue.
Excellent support and feel
Super grippy
Unique “hook and loop” laces feature to keep them secure and in place.
Polyurethane bottoms for awesome board grip and flex
Comes in several colors and styles

For those of you interested, Hemp is a  soft, yet durable and strong fibre that is cultivated from cannabis plants generally for industrial and commercial use. It’s been used for thousands of years and in recent times its used to make paper, clothing, bio plastic food, fuel and of course shoes!….to name but a few.
In the past several recent years hemp has had tremendous commercial growth and success.
Hemp is one of the more faster growing bio masses , this amazing plant can yield over 20 tons per hectare in one year. As far as growing crops go, hemp is quite environmentally friendly it’s growth requires very little pesticides compared to the majority of other commercial crops and no herbicides are requires for Hemp.

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