Ipath Mantis

Hey everyone be sure to check out the Mantis skate shoes from one of our favorite companies, Ipath!. These Ipath Mantis shoes are similar to the Ipath Grasshopper in design and were first released in the spring of 2010.  Like most series from these guys it has the hidden stash spot and is made from vegan materials but these shoes also have a cool removable top strap, solid colors with matching laces and Vulcanized outsole. They stand up great to wear and tear and should last you quite sometime compared to other brands and even to some of the other Ipath series. I bought a pair last summer and skated in them till November and they still look good. I find the bottom took some time to break in and because they’re vulcanized I find it’s somewhat of a trade off of board feel for skate shoe durability. I used the stash spot a lot…lol. These have killer style,  Premium leather and suede upper and solid details and triple stitching. These lo top mantis shoes are made from Hemp and synthetic materials and feature a padded tongue. These are some of the most solid kicks I own at the moment and I’d highly recommend a pair if you do a lot of skating.

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