Ipath Shoes

Out of San Francisco come Ipath Skate Shoes. Created by Brian Krauss and Pro skater Matt Field. These top of the line skate shoes have some really great features for skateboarding shoes. Ankle straps you can adjust, Coconut skin insole which allows for breath ability and a gel supported shock absorbers to name a few. As a bonus they also feature a hidden stash compartment. They take an innovative approach to their design and products and it is clear in their company slogan “Follow Your Path”


Products are inspired by a wide variety of different artistic aspects, including Rastafarian and Hindu roots. Pushing artistic bounds further San Francisco graffiti artist “Big Foot” has his own artistic signature shoe with his artwork and can be found throughout Ipath’s shoes and clothing line. Their pro skateboarder team currently includes Adam Alfaro, Kenny Reed, Matt Field, Tony Cox, Nate Jones, Karl Watson, Jon Newport, Matt Pailes, Danny Renuad, Matt Rodriguez, Quim Cardona, Jack Sabback, Nilton Neves, Fred Gall, Bob Burnquist and Kris Barkley.
Check out our great selection below and follow your path!

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Ipath – Centennial

New Centennial feature extra grip sole for a non slip ride, killer color combos and air vented materials. Grab your pair today!

Ipath – Fred Gall

These high tops have a great retro look to them. The Fred Gall series have great grip and flex, Vulcanized outsole and hemp ankle straps!


A great shoe for all around comfort with great fit and grip. They feature padded collar and tongue. Get a superb fit for skate with the Ipath Grasshoppers hook and loop design. These are lightweight and look sweet for any occasion.

Hands down the Ipath Locust are another one of our favourites. The graphics and colors are sick. Coconut skin lining gives  an excellent air flow and keeps you skating all day long. They feature perfect arch support.  Soft padded heel for shock reduction and extra ankle straps. The Ipath Locust are a  great shoe for serious skaters.

Ipath Reed

Check out the signature series from pro skater Kenny Reed, these are a killer all around skate shoe and feature reinforced toe cap, tough materials and hidden stash spot!

Check out these killer Sativa kicks!. They are made with a Hemp upper, tough cupsole, cushioned lining and have a perforated toe. They give you an awesome grip and feel.

The  Dayak features bold graphics, padded tongue with hidden pocket ;). Tough construction, extra grip soles and synthetic lining. Grab your pair today!


Another great versatile skate shoe . The Locus series look great and feel great. They feature a removable insole made from coconut skin which allows for a great airflow to your feet. A gel heel helps to absorb shock when you land those huge tricks.


Step into greatness with these Ipath Bigfoot hi tops. Awesome grip and feel, vented materials for maximum airflow, solid design and wicked graphics make this a top of the line skate shoe indeed.


These kicks have an insane design to them. Bold colors and graphics set these shoes apart from your average skate shoe!. Kick back in a pair and enjoy the comfort of this precision fitted shoe. They provide you with great grip and board feel and they feature a laced upper for added support and fit.


Some great winter boots.. The Shearling series have a great warm wool collar, a special textile lining to keep in the heat and a comfortable moc toe to keep your feel in a natural position. They also have a rubber sole which provides slip resistant traction. Dont brave Winter without your pair!


Feel great and look great doing it in a pair of Centennial. This classic shoe has everything you would expect .Rubber cupsole, supreme grip and board feel, great colors and graphics. They also feature triple stitching for extended wear and tear.