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Based in southern California, Osiris Shoes was started in 1996, originally as a division of Evol Skateboards, by Tony Chen and a few of his associates. They came from the skateboarding business, but they soon could see a really profitable opportunity to get into the foot ware side of the skateboarding phenomena. Osiris is best known for leadership in ‘technical footwear and their first really success was the D3 shoe for skaters. Osiris also came out with the first successful audio backpack called the “G-BAG.”

Their videos were also an area of success including”The Storm” that was an instant hit with skateboarders around the world. The Osiris team included Corey Duffel, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Jeremy Lusk and Ryan Nyquist. These guys were the real pros in their respective sport areas and were instrumental in spreading the gospel of the Osiris name and its tremendous products. Duffel is a skater from California and is well known for his fast and furious style skating large gaps, big rails, difficult stairs, and other large and improbable monuments. His skating stance is weird and he still competes for his sponsor, Metro.
Duffel started skating at 10 years of age and was a pro at eighteen. His signature item is a silver screw which he puts in the top right corner of his skateboard.

Another member of this incredible team at Osiris is Pierre-Luc Gagnon who is also known as “PLG”. He is a Canadian professional skateboarder who competes regularly in the X-Games where he has won a number of medals. He has also done very well on the Dew Tour as well as in the Gravity Games. Gagnon has also won the vert division of the Maloof Money Cup. Jeremy Lusk was a third member of team-Osiris, and was a freestyle motocross racer from southern California. He was a member of the riding group Metal Mulisha. He has won gold and silver medals at recent X Games and was also victorious at recent Moto X World Championships. Unfortunately,Lusk was involved in an riding accident and died as a result of his injuries in 2009. This was a very sad day for the Osiris “family” as well as the fans of motocross racing in North America. The final member of this team is Ryan Nyquist who is a pro BMX rider. Nyquist has won numerous medals in the X Games Dirt Jumping & Bike Park competitions.

Early on, Osiris contacted pro skater Dave Mayhew to design his own skate shoe. Mayhew is a retired professional skateboarder and a member of two of the ‘super-teams’ of the late nineties, due to his fluid technical ability. He quit skateboarding professionally to run a skates hop in Madison, Wisconsin. He was able to do this due to the success of his pro-model skate shoe made by Osiris.This was the original D3, which started out as a slow seller for Osiris, but soon its popularity increased. It has since then become the best-selling skate shoe of all time.

The second version of the shoe, the Osiris D3 2001, was very popular. Osiris then released a smaller more lightweight version called the D3 NTX. This was followed by D3 4.0 and later a D3 Snowboarding boot, based on the design of the D3 2001 model.


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