Osiris shoes for girls

Hey everyone with Halloween here and Christmas not far behind maybe consider some new Osiris shoes as a gift…..maybe even for yourself! 😀 Osiris shoes are a line of skateboarding footwear developed for those who love to skateboard. This company produces awesome kicks for everyone at pretty much every age ; man, woman and child, it doesn’t really matter Osiris shoes have something for your little ones or for you. There are different professional teams which lend their creativity and superior knowledge of the sports to the brand, which are bmx, snow, skateboarding, and surf.

Prices range from $40.00 to $90.00 and up for the higher end styles. There are seven series within the brand; duffel collection, private reserve, canvas series, seven deadly sins, 100 percent, saints and sinners, and rider revolt with more coming along the way. The shoes come in mid, low and high level in all the lines. The Osiris shoes for girls are female friendly, but still carry the edge of a skater girl.

There are high top, mid and low top shoes. The shoes come in classic colors of black and white with accents of hot pink and purple. There is also a high top shoe that comes in colors of blue cotton candy and royal blue as well, which is great for the edgy skater girl. Even though it is a nice line, it does not have as many options as the male counterpart. The prices of
this line range from $65.00 to $75.00.

The male line is likely the most versatile of the three shoe lines they have available today with skate pretty much being the most focused part of it all. They are available in a multitude of colors, styles, and materials as well, so finding the right fit for you or your loved ones is no problem. On their website there is is even a search option to help you search easier through the different options for shoes that they have. There are looks for those who want the casual masculine style that looks great under khakis or jeans. There are also styles available for the classic skater. Urbanites and people who just demand to look good who may not skate will also appreciate the styles that are available, especially the mid top shoes that for those who like the casual style of Nike air force ones for example

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