Osiris Shuriken

Check out the brand new Osiris Shuriken shoe. This is the pro signature skate shoe for Shuriken Shannon. They combine a fresh mix of Suede and action leather and have durable strong materials right where skaters need them most. This helps things like grip tape from shredding your new kicks way too soon. Like many out there today these shoes feature soft foam padding in both the tongue and collar which really helps cushion the foot and also helps against nasty ankle twists. While it’s not possible to avoid these all together this kinda of construction really helps. They also come with a special added lace system which you can decided to use or not. I personally find this great.

I really like the look of these shoes. Currently I own the black and white pair and I like the crisp clean look to them. They have some pretty sweet features also like Metal Osiris logos on the sides and come in a few really cool color combinations. They have both textile lining and insole and give you pretty decent board feel considering their a vulcanized sole. These are about mid range as far as skate shoes go.

You might well be thinking Shuriken Shannon is some sort of ninja star….well you might be correct. He is also a pretty dope pro skateboarder. This guy has been ripping it up for years and he’s only 23!  According to a recent interview he fills everyone on in the fact his dad picked his name for him…which is Japanese and prety much means Ninja star. No suprise since his father has mastered many martial arts and has been training for over 50 years now!

Shuriken is sponsored by Osiris shoes, Billabong, Venture trucks among others and he has been skating for over 13 years now. He claims to have started skating because”It’s the best feeling in the world”

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