Osiris Troma

I picked up a pair of the Osiris Troma last week mostly to wear to work since they have a really simple, crisp and clean look. I haven’t skated in them more then a few times so I’m not sure first hand how well they hold up but from what Ive seen it’s pretty dam good. These shoes have some really great features to help them sand up to punishment. They feature three layers in the toe for added protection, the construction is light but they’re made to hold up pretty good from looking at them and reading the specifications from Osiris shoes.

Now there isn’t a ton of cushion but that’s ok for me because I wont be doing tons and tons of skating in them and also I like something that’s light in a skateboard shoe and doesn’t feel bulky.
One thing I didn’t like too much is the laces so I switched them for a pair I had from my DC net shoes. A friend of mine has a pair also that he’s been skating in since last winter and they’re holding up great , he hasn’t even worn any holes in them yet.

Here are some specific features for the Osiris Troma:

  • Bold,crisp style
  • Upper made from suede, action pebble grain, mesh, or action leather for extra protection and long lasting
  • Classic skate shoe reinforcement for high impact areas like the toe and sides
  • Protective foam tongue and collar for great feel and protection
  • Duel shoe lace system for best fit and style
  • Responsive molded PU insole with complete latex protection
  • Heel insert for best possibly feel and form
  • Cupsole construction has a EVA drop-in midsole.
  • Very lightweight

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