Ipath Mantis

Hey everyone be sure to check out the Mantis skate shoes from one of our favorite companies, Ipath!. These Ipath Mantis shoes are similar to the Ipath Grasshopper in design and were first released in the spring of 2010.  Like most series from these guys it has the hidden stash spot and is made from vegan materials but these shoes also have a cool removable top strap, solid colors with matching laces and Vulcanized outsole. They stand up great to wear and tear and should last you quite sometime compared to other brands and even to some of the other Ipath series. I bought a pair last summer and skated in them till November and they still look good. I find the bottom took some time to break in and because they’re vulcanized I find it’s somewhat of a trade off of board feel for skate shoe durability. I used the stash spot a lot…lol. These have killer style,  Premium leather and suede upper and solid details and triple stitching. These lo top mantis shoes are made from Hemp and synthetic materials and feature a padded tongue. These are some of the most solid kicks I own at the moment and I’d highly recommend a pair if you do a lot of skating.

Ipath Hemp Shoes

Ipath makes quite a few different shoes from durable hemp material. This falls in line with the companies green attitude and image and it’s a pretty cool thing all around. So let’s check out what’s out right now for ipath hemp shoes.

First up we have the Ipath Cats. Hand down these skate shoes are some of the best feeling kicks you can put on your feet. Super comfortable and a really good fit.  Strong hemp fabric and ventilated suede upper are a nice touch and the look and style to these are a chukka boot style but with a round toe and tough stitching. Like I said these are really comfortable to wear and as with most new skateboard shoes out today they feature a thick protective foam collar for your ankles along with a padded tongue. These items also help with fit especially while skating which is a plus. Also like with most Ipath shoes they have the hidden stash spot in the tongue. I always liked this feature on their stuff. Textile inside and soft,removable foam insoles take the comfort level up ever further. These also have killer grip with good traction on the soles.

Up next we have the Ipath Grasshopper. These are a pretty traditional Ipath style shoe complete with bold colors and fine hemp materials. These are probably my favourite Ipath hemp shoes out today. When I got my first pair of these in the mail I was pretty happy. They were ultra comfort as soon as I slipped them on my feet and and so far they have held up really well I’ve been skating in my pair for just over 3 months now, mind you not every day.

Some features of the Grasshopper include :

Thick, foam collar,really comfortable footbed and padded soft tongue.
Excellent support and feel
Super grippy
Unique “hook and loop” laces feature to keep them secure and in place.
Polyurethane bottoms for awesome board grip and flex
Comes in several colors and styles

For those of you interested, Hemp is a  soft, yet durable and strong fibre that is cultivated from cannabis plants generally for industrial and commercial use. It’s been used for thousands of years and in recent times its used to make paper, clothing, bio plastic food, fuel and of course shoes!….to name but a few.
In the past several recent years hemp has had tremendous commercial growth and success.
Hemp is one of the more faster growing bio masses , this amazing plant can yield over 20 tons per hectare in one year. As far as growing crops go, hemp is quite environmentally friendly it’s growth requires very little pesticides compared to the majority of other commercial crops and no herbicides are requires for Hemp.

DC Purist

Hi guys, this is our latest review of the DC Purist shoes. I’ve owned 2 pairs and have found them to be a pretty solid skate shoe. They’re not very fancy or over the top but they get the job done and they aren’t over priced.

The DC Purist brings you a more old school style similar to the early DC lines. They have a great basic style along with awesome design and construction for both skating and kicking back at home or wherever. Features like perforated panels and eyelets help with airflow and all around comfort while skating and this feature can be found in most dc kicks. I’m a big fan of the look of these the sides have a really nice design and the logos and look are clean and sharp.

They don’t just look great but they also feel really comfortable to wear thanks to additions like Soft yet durable action leather uppers. Vent system in upper even more comfort and higher performance. They also have a good thick foam tongue and soft padded collar with ventilated lining. DC Logo is featured on the tongue and adds a good touch. Add in elastic tongue holders and embroidered logos and you have a really good skate shoe. The grip and board feel are also awesome I would give these and 8.5 out of 10


Soft yet abrasive resistant synthetic leather and suede upper.
DC emblem on side and back of shoe.
Vent systems in upper for added air circulation.
Soft, foamy  tongue and collar for extra cushioning and support for your heel and ankles.
Extra fine mesh tongue with airflow foam.
Elastic internal tongue support.
Padded textile soles.
Enhanced Wrapped cup sole system.
Dynamic Grip Technology™ mixes a combination of various rubber products to meet the demanding needs of skating.
15.00 oz

In recent DC news
November 8, 2010 – Huntington Beach, CA – DC is starting the 2011 winter season off right by hosting the long awaited DC ride tour part 2!
It all kicks off, November 13th when the DC snowboard crew arrives Timberline Mountain in Portland, OR for ready to rip it up and shred on the mountain as the very 1st stop of their tour

DC Flawless

Hey guys, check out the new Rob Dyrdek line from DC shoes. The Flawless series are pretty dope, they’re not over priced but get the job done…even if that job is just looking good. As always they feature the DC pill pattern on the bottom for extra grip and give you a non slip surface. I’ve never really skated with these in the rain but in every day use they seem to have decent grip on wet surfaces so that’s always a plus. These also have a tough suede upper so they shouldn’t rip apart too quickly on you whatever you use them for. The foam collar and cushioned tongue are always a nice touch on any skate shoe. The DC Flawless also feature innovative cup sole construction to help absorb shock especially useful when trying any big tricks, gaps or stairs, on top of all of this you also get a air flow system in the toes and a mesh tongue insert for great breath ability. This also helps your shoes not stink, bonus.

As far as these DCs style goes I’m pretty happy with how they look. Some of the colors aren’t for me but there’s a great selection to choose from. Besides looking good and performing awesome they’re not too heavy on your wallet so I’d recommend these if you like DC and go through shoes fairly quickly like myself.

Key Features:

  • Durable and tough Suede Uppers
  • Ventilated Upper Panel
  • TPU Eyelets
  • Foam Cushion Tongue and Padded Inside for added Comfort & Support
  • Lightweight Mesh Tongue
  • Elastic Tongue Straps For Added Fit
  • DC Unique Wrap Cup Soles

Scratch proof Grippy Rubber Out sole
Comes in Multiple Colors

And speaking of Rob Dyrdek, his Foundation recently celebrated the much anticipated opening of their 5th “Safe Spot Skate Spot” project in L.A. at The Rancho Cienega Park. Dyrdek along with Council member Herb Wesson, and California  Skate Parks President, Joe Ciaglia, were all there for the opening day.

This state of the art skate park cost a whopping $300,000 and is located at the Rancho Cienega Sports Complex, which is owned and operated by the city.  The skate plaza has been named in memory of council member and community activist Charmette Bonpua, who passed on in February.

Osiris Shuriken

Check out the brand new Osiris Shuriken shoe. This is the pro signature skate shoe for Shuriken Shannon. They combine a fresh mix of Suede and action leather and have durable strong materials right where skaters need them most. This helps things like grip tape from shredding your new kicks way too soon. Like many out there today these shoes feature soft foam padding in both the tongue and collar which really helps cushion the foot and also helps against nasty ankle twists. While it’s not possible to avoid these all together this kinda of construction really helps. They also come with a special added lace system which you can decided to use or not. I personally find this great.

I really like the look of these shoes. Currently I own the black and white pair and I like the crisp clean look to them. They have some pretty sweet features also like Metal Osiris logos on the sides and come in a few really cool color combinations. They have both textile lining and insole and give you pretty decent board feel considering their a vulcanized sole. These are about mid range as far as skate shoes go.

You might well be thinking Shuriken Shannon is some sort of ninja star….well you might be correct. He is also a pretty dope pro skateboarder. This guy has been ripping it up for years and he’s only 23!  According to a recent interview he fills everyone on in the fact his dad picked his name for him…which is Japanese and prety much means Ninja star. No suprise since his father has mastered many martial arts and has been training for over 50 years now!

Shuriken is sponsored by Osiris shoes, Billabong, Venture trucks among others and he has been skating for over 13 years now. He claims to have started skating because”It’s the best feeling in the world”

Ryan Sheckler Shoes – Etnies Sheckler Model

You know what?

Ryan Sheckler shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes I have tried in my life!
Im sure this is mostly due to all the high end , top secret lab stuff Etnies does over at their research center, I kid you not they have cutting edge technology at this place its called Sole Technology Institute. The STI is the world’s first institute dedicated to the study of the impacts and movements skateboarding has on the human body. Try some of these kicks out and you will feel the difference from most other skater shoes out today.

Currently Ryan Sheckler has 4 pro models out with Etnies. Names The Sheckler 1 through 4. He has designed and tested each one of these pro models. These shoes are huge on comfort and performance. The tongue is the most comfortable Ive worn ever and they are all made from soft rubber and suede…very nice.The inside cushioning is like walking on soft pillows, yet they perform like a great skate shoe should.

“The Sheckler” is the first collaborative product made by Ryan Sheckler and Etnies. They have awesome board grip and feel, and offer a herringbone patterned sole which really helps keep your feet from unwanted slipping. Along with this, as mentioned before, the collar and tongue padding is beyond anything felt before and throw in some strong elastics to hold the tongue solid and in place and you’ve got a top of the line skate shoe! Some other features include, STI Foam level 2 padding with a fully wrapped heel cup for excellent support and safety.

You will have zero problem putting in a full days skating with a pair of these bad boys on. Comfort aside these shoes also really perform. The soft leather is actually really tough and abrasive resistant and they have super gummy grip soles so they are great no matter how worn out your grip tape may be. Like so many other Etnies shoes, these feature 3x stitching in the toe aera and also has special hidden lace loops to keep em out of your way while skating or whatever. The Sheckler 2, 3 and 4 all have similar features and all feel and perform great. Some of the best Etnies kicks you can buy.

Let’s look at The Sheckler 2 shoes:

Again big big big on comfort and fit, Sheckler 2 – Ryan Sheckler, also know around the world as the most loved and hated skater ever, has created his second signature skater shoe. Now compared to The Sheckler 1 I found these to hold up much better under constant wear and tear.

This was one of the first great shoes to come along to help fix the issue of the toe ripping apart too early with triple stitching in the toe aera. One downside to these is the soles wear out rather fast. Still I much prefer these to The first Sheckler shoe series

Up next is The Sheckler 3 skateboard shoe:

If you’re somewhat picky about what shoes you skate in and are into Etnies shoes then these will probably work awesome for you. Like all the mosels before it The Sheckler 3 series is super comfortable while delivering in the performance area also. I picked up a pair in green and yellow and really digg the colors and style. Great details on them along with killer board grip and of course…comfort. One thing to note about these in  particular is you might want to order yours 1-1/2 size larger then your normal skate shoe. I found the size I ordered were way too small and had to return them. Zappos was very cool about it, actually they’re awesome with customer service and returning stuff.

Finally The Sheckler 4:

Once again the good people at “Sole Technology” have not let us down in creating yet another awesome skateboarding shoe. They are always changing skate footwear for the better and making life a little easier for us who skate…and ever the ones who don’t. Another super comfortable skate shoe from Sheckler and Etnies. Out of the four pro models these are my favourite. They give awesome board grip and feel, little slippage, you do sacrifice some impact support on these because of the other features and construction but over all they are top of tthe line and set the bar high. They are also mid size shoes so they really help you avoid things like rolling over on your ankle and other nasties.

Ryan Sheckler In The Movies??

Ryan may no longer be appearing on his TV shoe “life of Ryan” but he has now set his eyes on being on the big screen….something Im sure fans and critics will have a lot to talk about. Starpulse recently interviewed up with skateboarding phenom and reality TV star to chat about the life and ups and downs of his industry and being a professional skater. They even asked him if the big screen was a future possibility.

Check it out here!

Osiris Troma

I picked up a pair of the Osiris Troma last week mostly to wear to work since they have a really simple, crisp and clean look. I haven’t skated in them more then a few times so I’m not sure first hand how well they hold up but from what Ive seen it’s pretty dam good. These shoes have some really great features to help them sand up to punishment. They feature three layers in the toe for added protection, the construction is light but they’re made to hold up pretty good from looking at them and reading the specifications from Osiris shoes.

Now there isn’t a ton of cushion but that’s ok for me because I wont be doing tons and tons of skating in them and also I like something that’s light in a skateboard shoe and doesn’t feel bulky.
One thing I didn’t like too much is the laces so I switched them for a pair I had from my DC net shoes. A friend of mine has a pair also that he’s been skating in since last winter and they’re holding up great , he hasn’t even worn any holes in them yet.

Here are some specific features for the Osiris Troma:

  • Bold,crisp style
  • Upper made from suede, action pebble grain, mesh, or action leather for extra protection and long lasting
  • Classic skate shoe reinforcement for high impact areas like the toe and sides
  • Protective foam tongue and collar for great feel and protection
  • Duel shoe lace system for best fit and style
  • Responsive molded PU insole with complete latex protection
  • Heel insert for best possibly feel and form
  • Cupsole construction has a EVA drop-in midsole.
  • Very lightweight

Supra Vaider

AH!…these are my favorite skate shoes ever hands down!…and last week when I moved I actually lost BOTH pairs that I own!…which was horrible but I am ordering a new pair this week. Anyway on to my review of these shoes. The Supra Vaider is like I said my favorite skate shoe out right now. Here’s why, I got my first pair because I needed something clean and crisp looking but wanted comfort and believe me these are insanely comfortable, you could almost sleep in them. The style of these are great and the colors really pop in real life. I love them. They’re just crazy…I can see maybe they could be too much for some people but not for me.

They’re made from super soft leather and my feet didn’t hurt at all even after skating in them all day. Speaking of skating in em they have some awesome features besides the look and feel. The board grip is killer I used them in he rain and they still performed awesome, I wouldn’t advise it but they held up great with little slipping. They also feature something called “SupraFoam” which I noticed really helped the feel and comfort. They have a vulcanized sole but they still feel great on your feet and not still at all.  I needed mine 1/2 size smaller so if you’re a size ten maybe for for nine and a half.

Supra is a company which has been forged,created and marketed by passionate people. Their goal is to form new and innovative classics for skaters who want detail and quality without sacrificing comfort and feel. Supra Footwear keeps on raising the bar with groundbreaking technology and modern concepts.

Ipath Gall

I bought my first pair of Ipath Gall shoes about 2 months ago and have skated in them a fair amount so far and this is my review of them. So to get the bad stuff out of the way first, I wouldn’t say these are the most durable skate shoe around. After skating in the for about 3 weeks some of the glue on the side started coming off and I did get a small hole in them. Mind you I was using them a lot for skating but compared to say my Ipath reed shoes these got torn up quicker. Having said that I pretty much love everything else about these shoes.
They feature a sturdy Velcro strap which helps to keep everything in place while riding or whatever. I found the bottom grip on them to be excellent even with wet grip tape!  Also the ankle strap is very cool and works great.I also am really into the graphics and colors of the kind I got and the over all look is pretty sweet. I found them quite lightweight also.

Here are some listed features of the Ipath Gall

  • Designed by Ipath pro skater Fred Gall.
  • Leather or hemp upper.
  • Supportive ankle straps.
  • Logo graphics and hardware.
  • Textile Inside.
  • 3X stitching in the front for added guard against wear and tear.
  • Vulcanized Style.
  • Ultra rubber bottom for awesome grip.
  • 17.00 oz.

Ipath pro Fred Gall is a no BS, straightforward street skater who’s wisdom and experience is well beyond his years. He is often referred to as “Uncle Freddy” by his team mates and is looked up to by many in skateboarding today. Fred is as solid as a street skater can get.
This East Coast pro has been ripping it up since the early 90s and shows no signs of slowing down. He is a true master of innovation and always brings something fresh and new to the scene. He is much more focused on shredding and tearing up rough terrain then doing technical flip tricks over and over again.

DVS Enduro Heir

Hey everyone thanks for checking out my review of the DVS Enduro Heir shoes. First thing I must say is I like these shoes but had to return them because I found they needed to be 1/2 size larger. Since getting the proper size I really love them. They have great arch support and also good ankle padding and support. They have strong elastic tongue straps to keep it in good place. I find  with some skateboard shoes this becomes a real problem and I’m always happy to get a pair of shoes that has this great feature. A few drawbacks is the price is at the higher end for skate shoes and the material looks really nice but will get marked up really easily if you skate in them. I mostly just wear mine for casual use. They look SICK and I love the way the shoe is put together and all the neat features it has.

Overall this is an awesome shoe, they look great and feel very comfortable, even after wearing them for a 12 hour shift! Not only it looks good, it’s very comfortable. Like I said before compared to alot of other brands like Osiris and Adio these fit a little smaller so keep that in mind if you’re going to be ordering a pair off the net.I bought myself the black and white two tone and found they looked much nicer in person as opposed to the online picture. Much more  crisp and just better. I’m really digging all over design and flow of them and the small metallic DVS placard on the outside of them is pretty cool too. I also like them because despite looking great they’re not too flashy or over the top.

These are some features for the shoe

  • Created and tested by DVS pro skateboarding team.
  • Nubuck or leather upper.
  • 3x stitching construction.
  • Really flexible.
  • Ventilated insides for heat reduction.
  • Open-cell breathable mesh.
  • Forming heelcup inner system.
  • Very light flexible rubber.
  • Ultra grip and non slip soles, perfect for skating.