Skate Shoe Durability

Skate shoe durability should be at the top of the list of things to consider when buying a new pair of skate shoes. Skate shoe durability basically means “How long your shoe will last” With a large number of skate shoes you may have to sacrifice some flexibility and board grip in order to get a longer lasting shoe and vice verse. So if you don’t find it’s in your budget to buy new shoes very often then you will want to pay close attention to how the shoe is actually constructed, what materials are being used and generally how long they will hold up.
If you skateboard 7 days a week and are doing a lot of tricks, especially ollie tricks and flip tricks, then you’re going to want something that lasts.
In this article we take a look at what goes in to making a really tough, durable skate shoe. The three things we will be looking at specifically are:

* Super Suede
* non-vulcanized soles
* Plastic protective toe caps

Super Suede is currently the biggest thing to come out of DC shoes. Durable, soft and with killer board feel this innovative new material being used on most of DC shoes new lines. It is proven much stronger the regular suede. In fact Super Suede is currently testing at double the strength of regular suede. This is awesome because the rider now gets all the comfort and great board feel that would come in a regular skate shoe, without having to deal with holes only a few weeks later. Super Suede really does bring the best of both worlds together and it looks like this top of the line material could be the future of skate shoes. You can look for it on the following pro series:

-Danny Way Signature Shoe
-Colin McKay Griffin Shoe
-Lynx 2 Series

A non-vulcanized sole. A non-vulcanized sole means that the sole of your skate shoe will be much harder and will last up to twice as long as vulcanized soles. Shoes that feature non-vulcanized soles are brands like DVS shoes and Globe shoes. Now it might sound great that they will hold our for so long but you have to remember that you are giving up a certain amount of comfort, flex and board feel with the non-vulcanized soles due to it being thicker and harder. So if money is not an issue and you plan on updating your skateboarding foot wear often then you may want to consider brands like Emerica, DC shoes and Adio shoes.

Plastic protective toe caps. These are pretty cool because, as you will find if you do any serious skateboarding, the toe area especially the outside edge of the toe will be torn and ripped apart quite quickly from your boards grip tape. Ollie and flip tricks usually make this happen fairly quickly. Brands like Osiris skate shoes feature a protective toe guard that keeps this to a minimum while leaving your skateboarding unhindered. This is a far better option the dealing with messy shoe goo or unsightly duct tape.

So be sure to look for these following features if you need a long lasting skate shoe. Remember the positives and the negatives of these features and good luck in your skate shoe hunt.

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