Supra Shoes

Super makes some sick skate shoes in pretty cool styles and colors. This is a passionate company lead by people who love the art and sport of skateboarding. Quality and originality are high on the priority list for this Supra footwear. The company draws its ideas and inspiration from all many different scenes including music, art and of course skateboarding. Its the combination of many different styles and industries that help to give these shoes their edge and style. Combines with top of the line materials and leathers along with serious craftsmanship and you have some pretty killer kicks. They have an awesome line up of pros on their team and they sponsor some really great skaters too.

Supra is always pushing footwear technology and innovation so you know you’re getting a great shoe that is going to stand up to punishment while at the same time cushion your feet and keeping you skating at your best.
Recently they released their “Beer Pack” shoes which takes big inspiration  from United States brewing and of course…Beer. These shoes come in a couple different styles and are both made from SUPRATUF®. They come in both Navy Blue and Red or Grey and blue.



Another Boxed set these guys have recently come out with is the Three Amigos pack. These shoes helped kick off the Texas Three amigos skateboarding tour. Some of the guys on their skate team like Furby, Spencer Hamilton and Horsey helped to come up with the design and look of the shoes themselves. They’re some really awesome items so check out these kicks if you get the chance.