Adio Kenny

Created and designed by professional skater Kenny Anderson and the Adio team, the Adio Kenny skate shoe is simply a skater dream come true with all the features and functions of them. The tough resistant upper comes in either action leather, dual leather, synthetic leather or canvas. The excellent cupsole function gives gives you great board feel when riding. The 3 dimensional rubber toe guard and P.U soles make this one of our favourite Adio shoes out there! They look great and are super durible. They also provide awesome board grip and that’s a very important feature in a skate shoe. If they’re no good for skating then they wont be much good for you. Besides all the techinal features the Adio Kenny also looks really slick and comes in several terrific colors and styles.

Features Include:

  • Durible leather upper.
  • Well built cupsole design for an awesome riding experence.
  • 3D formed toe guard for protection and long wear and tear.
  • 3D molded logo.
  • Hidden lacing system.
  • Tongue placement straps.
  • Lightweight