DC court graffik

So, I picked up a pair of DC court graffik shoes about 5 months ago due to the fact I had worn out most of my other skate shoes and really needed something new that I liked. I paid about $75 for them at the time.  But you can now get them for around $59  right here! The fit has been awesome. I wear a larger size skateboard shoe and found these to be really in between a wide and narrow shoe which worked perfectly for me. I love the colors on it the ones I have are blue and white and look really crisp and clean. Some stitching is coming apart a tiny bit and Ive worn out the toe a lot but that’s after skating in them all winter and spring so I think over all they’re holding up pretty well.

DC court graffik Shoe Features:

  • Signature shoe for Travis Pastrana.
  • Beautiful yet resistant action leather uppers.
  • Has unique Travis Pastrana Teamwork design on tongue and insole.
  • Ventilation hole system to allow for easy airflow and maximum comfort.
  • Comfortable soft foam tongue and collar for extra foot and ankle protection and support while skating.
  • Lightweight mesh tongue with Spandex® tongue holders for added comfort.
  • Innovative and unique to  DC cup sole construction for a crisp looking sole that also performs awesome.
  • Tough and durable grippy rubber outsole with the DC shoe official “Pill” design.
  • DC court graffik Weighs around 16.00 oz.

This is the signature shoe from Travis Pastrana who rides as pro motorsports competitor for the DC shoes team. He is also a well known stunt performer and has taken first in many championship events including several gold medals in the X Games in a number of events some of which are, supercross, motocross, freestyle motocross, and rally racing.

Travis Pastrana has taken the sweet spot of first place in two motocross racing championships, the 2000 A.M.A. 125cc National championship, and the 2001 125cc East Coast Supercross Championship.
Recently in DC news, their very own Alfredo Mancuso made a quick apperence on the Ellen Show to bunny hop over six brave audience members. He easily clears them and if you watch the slowed down video re run you will see he probably could have jumped 11 Alfredo was wearing some sharp new summer DC gear, and the show was awesome!. Quickly after his spot on Ellen, Alfredo will be comming togeather with the rest of his DC BMX crew on the “Roughing It west coast tour”. The tour begins in Denver, be sure to check them out as they travel through San Diego. Can’t make the show?…no problem. Now you can follow them along their westcoast spot, in real time, via the DC GPS locator. Cool stuff indeed!