Ipath Reed

The Ipath Reed are the signature shoes from pro skater Kenny Reed. They have some pretty far out color and graphics combination’s along with some great features for skating. Some of the Ipath Reed shoes feature Vegan friendly materials. They offer a super comfortable feel and fit with protective foam padding on the color, footbed and tongue. The soles of these shoes are made from durable and tough polyurethane so they should last you a good amount of skate time. They come in some really great colors and styles to suit any look or style you may want. These shoes are made with the true skater in mind and they stand up to a good amount of wear and tear.

Kenny Reed has spent a large amount of time traveling all over the world and skating every single spot he can along the way. Very cool indeed. Reed says not only does he do this just to simply see if it can be done, but immerse himself in new cultures and partake in how other people around the world go about life. Often his nick name is “The traveler” because of this life style. Kenny Reed isnt the type of guy to be sitting around his house for too long, not when there is an entire world out there to skate. This type of lifestyle and philosophy fits right in with Ipath Shoes. Currently Reed is living in Barcelona, Spain.