Ipath Cats Shoes

I purchased my pair of Ipath Cats shoes a little over 6 month ago and I love them. I got them in black suede and the color looks great, it’s a true deep black not faded or washed out at all. They look pretty stylish but they’re still ultra comfortable and I wear them alot and for long hours, so Ive really put them to the comfort test. Ive found most Ipath shoes to be pretty comfortable and have good skate shoe durability. The grey Ipath logo on the back of them really blend nicely into the black suede material.

A little bit of the bottom stitching has come undone and that’s pretty much been the only real drawback for these shoes. They also have that cool hidden stash spot in the tongue like most of their skate shoes do.
IPATH pretty much began in theĀ  streets of San Francisco and NYC. The company was created by a group of skaters who really wanted to redefine what being a skater meant and the art form and sport itself. For lack of a better term they wanted to “think outside the box” and have done very well in doing so. The main goal was to push the idea of being real and keeping true to oneself, whatever that may be…and wherever it may lead you.

Nowadays, IPATH aims to produce top of the line skate products and shoes yet at the same time finding balance with the world around them and the environment. They are a very green and enviro friendly business, obviously ahead of their time in many many ways.. As part of their continued dedication to the worlds environment, Ipath shoes have taken some very large steps to help the overall quality and fit of their footwear.