DC Flawless

Hey guys, check out the new Rob Dyrdek line from DC shoes. The Flawless series are pretty dope, they’re not over priced but get the job done…even if that job is just looking good. As always they feature the DC pill pattern on the bottom for extra grip and give you a non slip surface. I’ve never really skated with these in the rain but in every day use they seem to have decent grip on wet surfaces so that’s always a plus. These also have a tough suede upper so they shouldn’t rip apart too quickly on you whatever you use them for. The foam collar and cushioned tongue are always a nice touch on any skate shoe. The DC Flawless also feature innovative cup sole construction to help absorb shock especially useful when trying any big tricks, gaps or stairs, on top of all of this you also get a air flow system in the toes and a mesh tongue insert for great breath ability. This also helps your shoes not stink, bonus.

As far as these DCs style goes I’m pretty happy with how they look. Some of the colors aren’t for me but there’s a great selection to choose from. Besides looking good and performing awesome they’re not too heavy on your wallet so I’d recommend these if you like DC and go through shoes fairly quickly like myself.

Key Features:

  • Durable and tough Suede Uppers
  • Ventilated Upper Panel
  • TPU Eyelets
  • Foam Cushion Tongue and Padded Inside for added Comfort & Support
  • Lightweight Mesh Tongue
  • Elastic Tongue Straps For Added Fit
  • DC Unique Wrap Cup Soles

Scratch proof Grippy Rubber Out sole
Comes in Multiple Colors

And speaking of Rob Dyrdek, his Foundation recently celebrated the much anticipated opening of their 5th “Safe Spot Skate Spot” project in L.A. at The Rancho Cienega Park. Dyrdek along with Council member Herb Wesson, and California  Skate Parks President, Joe Ciaglia, were all there for the opening day.

This state of the art skate park cost a whopping $300,000 and is located at the Rancho Cienega Sports Complex, which is owned and operated by the city.  The skate plaza has been named in memory of council member and community activist Charmette Bonpua, who passed on in February.

Rob Dyrdek

Ohio native Rob Dyrdek has become an international skateboarding sensation. Perhaps best known for his  DC shoes, over-the-top antics and hit  MTV  reality show “Rob and Big”, there seems to be no stopping Rob and his skateboarding empire.

Dyrdek began skating at the age of eleven and won his first amateur contest one month later.

His displays of skateboarding talent did not go unnoticed. Later in the same year he was picked up by G&S skateboards and was officially the youngest member of their team.At age sixteen Rob turned pro for the company Alien Workshop and placed fourth in his first ever pro contest.

This was truly a sign of great things to come. One of his first sponsorship deals was with Droors Clothing, which later became the giant” DC Shoes”. It was through this relationship that Rob was given the opportunity to design one of the first “Signature” skate shoes for the company.

40 Thousand Feet Of Fun…

Rob took a number of years off from professional competition to work on a variety of other projects including acting, writing and creating his own Hip Hop label. He began to compete again at the age of twenty-five and it was around this time he noticed a real lack of skate parks and poor quality construction of the ones being built. Rob took it upon himself with the help of his friends at DC to create the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza. This 40,000 square foot skate park was opened in June of 2005 and has been featured in a large number of videos and magazines.

The park’s construction was based on numerous pictures and videos taken by Rob at his favourite skating spots. So in effect the DC Plaza is an accumulation of all of Rob Dyrdek’s most-loved spots.

Rob And Big…

Rob’s best friend and body guard Christopher “Big Black” Boyken made his first appearance with Rob in the skate world during the DC Video. Their hilarious sketch, with Rob playing the hassled skater and Big in the role of skater security guard, caught the eye of MTV producers.
It was from this DC video that we now have the mega hit reality TV series ”Rob and Big”

The Show first aired on MTV in 2006 and it took off with lightning speed, instantly becoming a cult hit with skaters and non-skaters alike! Rob and Big showcases the outrageous fun and adventures they have while sharing their home in the Hollywood Hills. The show also features some great animal cast members including their bull dog “Meaty” and their miniature horse, appropriately named “Mini Horse”, who appeared in the second season.