DVS shoes for kids

There are many hot brands of skate shoes that cater to kids these days like DVS shoes for kids. They feature great shoes that are perfect for the kids in your life. They have several products to choose from.
One is the Torey snow kids. This product is perfect for winter wear on and off the skateboard. They are made of a suede upper, and ice grip outsole to help one eliminate the chances of slipping on icy walkways. It also features weatherproofing to keep the shoes from getting damaged by snow and wetness. The lining of the shoe is designed to keep the feet dry by wicking away any moisture. There is also extra ankle support as well as artwork that is only for the snow shoe series. It is available in kids sizes eleven through six. There is also another snow boot that is manufactured by the brand called the Another product is the revival bts. This product is featured in sizes three to six, and is composed of a nubuck leather upper, with a man made sole.

It only comes in the classic color of black. Customers who have purchased the item have given it a five out of five star rating. Customers said the shoe is true to size and also is great to purchase when a child wants to dress like their father, as the shoe is available in the adult collection as well. Next up is the convict kids. This product is available in three different colors. The colors available are: black/grey, navy/grey and classic black. They are constructed of a canvas upper except for the classic black which is made of a suede upper.

If one wants to create a man/son look a like dress code, this item is perfect as well because it has an adult version of the shoe. It is available in kid sizes one through six. Daewon 12′ er is another product for the kids on your shopping list. This item was developed by Daewon Song whom is a renowned Korean-American professional skateboarder. It is available in youth sizes eleven through six and comes in four stylish colors. The colors available are black, royal, black/royal and gray suede. Features of this shoe include bruise control technology, a very flexible build, as well as a non slip outsole making it a good and safe skate shoe for children. This brand also makes footwear for the toddlers. They are only offering one product in this line, which is the convict toddler. This product is available in two colors which are gray and black. Besides just sneakers, there are also boots, snow shoes and sandals available for purchase.
There are other shoes available by this brand that are designed especially for children. They can be found on the brand’s official website as well as online retailers such as Amazon.com. They are also available at one’s local retail sport shop. Many retailers offer free shipping on the items as well, and there is even kids apparel to complete the skater look.

Osiris shoes for girls

Hey everyone with Halloween here and Christmas not far behind maybe consider some new Osiris shoes as a gift…..maybe even for yourself! ūüėÄ Osiris shoes are a line of skateboarding footwear developed for those who love to skateboard. This company produces awesome kicks for everyone at pretty much every age ; man, woman and child, it doesn’t really matter Osiris shoes have something for your little ones or for you. There are different professional teams which lend their creativity and superior knowledge of the sports to the brand, which are bmx, snow, skateboarding, and surf.

Prices range from $40.00 to $90.00 and up for the higher end styles. There are seven series within the brand; duffel collection, private reserve, canvas series, seven deadly sins, 100 percent, saints and sinners, and rider revolt with more coming along the way. The shoes come in mid, low and high level in all the lines. The Osiris shoes for girls are female friendly, but still carry the edge of a skater girl.

There are high top, mid and low top shoes. The shoes come in classic colors of black and white with accents of hot pink and purple. There is also a high top shoe that comes in colors of blue cotton candy and royal blue as well, which is great for the edgy skater girl. Even though it is a nice line, it does not have as many options as the male counterpart. The prices of
this line range from $65.00 to $75.00.

The male line is likely the most versatile of the three shoe lines they have available today with skate pretty much being the most focused part of it all. They are available in a multitude of colors, styles, and materials as well, so finding the right fit for you or your loved ones is no problem. On their website there is is even a search option to help you search easier through the different options for shoes that they have. There are looks for those who want the casual masculine style that looks great under khakis or jeans. There are also styles available for the classic skater. Urbanites and people who just demand to look good who may not skate will also appreciate the styles that are available, especially the mid top shoes that for those who like the casual style of Nike air force ones for example

DC Shoes on Sale

Don’t think finding DC shoes on sale means you have to settle for low quality or out of date styles. We have gone through the internet with our skate shoe team and done all the leg work for you to find you the best in low priced DC shoes! This is one of our favorite companies out there right now for sure. Not only for all the great footwear and clothing they make but for all they have given back to the world of skateboarding. Check out some of the great deals we have set up for you below.

Check out the DC Court Graffik we have for super low prices. They fit pretty true to size although on me they’re a tiny bit wide so these are best for a wider foot. These are one of the most versatile and comfortable skater shoes around today and for a wicked price.¬† They will also stand up to general wear and tear great I’ve had my pair for over 2 years and they still look fresh.

Next up check out the great deals on the DC Pure series. They have full leather uppers and use suede material too for a really nice look. They fit great and I’ve found they’re also good for keeping your feet cool while skating. Combine this with a sure grip rubber sole and you have a solid product. They come in tons of colors and a few different styles so take a look and check em out.

In recent DC News, DC pro snowboarder rider Kimmy Fasani was recently in the mountains of Colorado when she became the first female snowboarder ever to pull off a double backy, which had been a goal for her for a very very long time!  Also recently DC Pro Rob Dyrdek  started his very own toy line based on a skate crew. Really cool stuff. The line is called Wild Grinders and this is Robs 1st time getting into the toy biz. There are currently six figures based on Dyrdek and his friends with more plans in the works! So stay tuned.

Mens Vans Shoes

Out of all the skate shoes to ever come and go, classic Mens Vans shoes will always remain a true classic in the world of skateboarding. Growing up as a skater 25 years ago all we really had were Vans and airwalk shoes. The industry was quite small back then and you would be lucky to find a pair of skater shoes at any mall or store. There was no such thing as buying online and stores like West 49th. The only store in town was the Boarding house located right next to the Richmond skate ranch, the birthplace to the RDS skate team and later the Juggernaut RDS clothing. Vans shoes have been there through it all and still remain insanely popular to this day! Check out for yourself some of these killer Men’s Vans shoes.


With super speed, after collaborative works with WTAPS and Luke Meier, Vans Shoes sought out the help of legendary professional skateboarder Christian Hosoi.  Hosoi emerged as one of the top pro skaters of vert ramp skating along with other legends like Steve Caballero and Tony Hawk . He created both  the Christ Air and Rocket Air, at one point in time he even had the worlds highest air record. Christian totally helped push vert skating into the public eye and gave legitimacy to the sport itself. Vans shoes along with Christian Hosoi came up with the Vans Hosoi Bash. Like previous Vans shoes, the Hosoi Bash the main focus is on awesome materials and premium leather. They hold up great for skating and the vulcanized sole means great board grip and traction.


Vans Shoes was formed in the late 1960’s and they massively grew in size during the 70’s skateboarding era.¬† During some of their early years in the business Vans designed and created special rubber boots with wool lining for the fighting men of the US air force and the United States Department of Defense.

Getting into the mid 80’s, Paul Van Doren started to play a smaller role in the shoe company and it was during this time that Vans shoes created specialty made footwear for athletes in a wide variety of sports including skateboarding, wakeboarding, motor cross, and surfing. Vans has been the main sponsor the the insanely annual Warped Tour since mid 1990’s


Mens Skate Shoes

This is our current review of the latest Mens skate shoes out right now from awesome companies like DC Shoes, Ipath shoes and Osiris skate shoes. Having a good pair of kicks is pretty important if you skate a lot.

Especially if you go big and want to avoid injuries because skate shoes are designed to protect your feet and ankles from common skateboarding injuries.

Men’s DC Shoes

We have some pretty cool mens DC shoes to check out so let’s get started with the DC Versaflex.¬† This is a shoe that completely delivers in both skating performance and great style. They are on the higher end of the price range but you end up getting your moneys worth and more out of them.¬† They are made from tough leather and feature and special heel padding system to both stand up to wear and tear and also help protect your feet.

DC Versaflex Features:
  • Enhanced wrap cup sole
  • Internal Airbag Cushion System
  • Ultra Soft Tongue Padding
  • Great Support Collar
  • Super Grippy Soles


More awesome hi tech skate footwear from DC be sure to check out the ultra popular Command series. This DC Shoe makes excellent use of their brand new Super Suede technology. This amazing leather allows for¬† your shoe to keep a soft natural feel unlike so many Vulcanized shoes out there and at the same time it’s tough as nails!…How do they do it? Seems to be a DC secret for now. The DC Command is one of the best selling skate shoes to come out and it’s really no wonder why after you check out these killer features:

DC Command Features:
  • Tough Leather Upper With Super Suede
  • Absorbalite midsole
  • Very Comfortable Lining
  • Uses Heavy Duty Scratch Resistant Materials
  • Bold Colors and Graphics

Mens Osiris Shoes

We got some pretty nice Mens Osiris shoes too check out the Osiris Duffel kicks! These are some pretty sweet shoes for either kickin it in or skating. They feature a really nice suede material and also have a unique zipper which looks dope, whether you’re on or off your board. Like most Osiris shoes these guys have really decent tongue padding and great ankle support which is something everyone who skates really needs. The rubber sole and SuperGrip outsole also give you awesome board grip and feel so they don’t just look great they also perform excellent. I do find that any suede gets shredded up faster by grip tape then other types of leather but that being said these are still a great pair to grab. Check out some of them below!

Next up is the Osiris NYC 83. These are hands down my favourite thing Osiris has made to date. They come in a huge amount of SICK colors and styles and they hold nothing back on this one!They are really comfortable and perform great check out the list of features below:

  • Suede and action leather or action leather upper
  • High quality stitching and reinforced side pieces for top performance and protection
  • Full lace up front with place holding overlays
  • Cupsole construction
  • Heavily padded tongue and collar
  • Textile lined inside¬† and padded, soft PU insole
  • EVA midsole
  • Grippy Rubber soles with great traction and board feel

Osiris NYC 83

Hello yet again we have some new stuff from our buds at Osiris shoes. These are some fresh new Osiris NYC 83 skate shoes. I’m a big fan of the really bold kick Osiris produces.

I like the retro high tops and I think they know how to do it right.¬† I own 2 pairs of these myself I gotta say one of the biggest things I liked about them was the sick “Osiris” lettering on the backs. The different models have really different lettering but they all have a graffiti flow and look to them and wow….it all just makes for 1 insane skate shoe. Some others try and pull this look off but it just comes off looking clown shoes and just not right, usually. Doing things right yet again check out a pair of these bad boys.

As far as skate shoes go these are not the cheapest but they are pretty over the top and have everything you would look for in quality skate footwear. The thing I really love about shoes with decent ankle protection and high ankle guards is they prevent ankle bites and rolling over on it. I know myself there’s nothing worse and if I do it right it can mean a couple weeks off my board. Not good!. Anyway back to the features. Sick colors just like you’ve come to expect from Osiris . These are for sure a techinacl skater shoe with soft rounded toe and wraping side guards with really great stitching and excellent padding, infarct I believe these shoes have the best side padding for your ankles Ive owned so far. And Ive been skating for over 25 years!

Here’s a list of the features we have put together for you-

  • Genuine Suede and action leather upper
  • Fromed stitching and Ultra padded side supports for the ankle
  • Full on lace up front with lace holders
  • Cupsole construction
  • Soft, foamy tongue
  • Textile lining and cushioning PU insole
  • EVA midsole
  • Rubber super grippy soles

Whether you’re on the streets skating or just kickin it, the Osiris NYC 83 brings you to the next level of skateboard shoes . Sick colors and graphics, awesome padding and support, elastic tongue holders and comfortable as anything you’ve ever tried on….they got it all.

DC Impact RS Shoes

Hey guys, I’d like to show you some of my favorite DC kicks out now they’re the DC Impact RS. Im a huge fan of the blue style especially which I have dubbed “Blue Ice” haha. Ok but back to reality here these are some solid shoes and the design is sick! These are the kind of DC shoes that will¬† look mint no matter if you’re skating in them or not. I cant personally say how long they will hold up for skating because I do little more then cruise down the street in my pair. Just do not want to get them messed up.¬† From wearing them and looking my pair over my guess would be they will hold up pretty decently.¬† The genuine leather upper features embossed details which gives these shoes a popping, 3-d look. I love it. Throw that fat DC logo on the side and you got some serious shoes. Oh Yes sir! I usually find skateboard shoes to be the most comfortable in general and these are no exception They have excellent padding on the insides and the soles are pretty good as far as comfort goes and seems to absorb shock well for what Ive put them through.

DC is always coming out with great stuff. Speaking of DC if you get the chance be sure to check out Rob Dyrdek in his awesome show Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy Factory. The show is really entertaining and Rob is for sure one of my all time favorite pro skaters I love this show and in my opinion it’s a great follow up to those of use who were bummed out by the loss of the Rob and Big show.

To re cap here’s some of the listed features of these shoes:

  • multi-colored leather upper
  • Sick design and style
  • ultra grippy rubber sole
  • padded tongue and collar
  • very comfortable

Ipath Mantis

Hey everyone be sure to check out the Mantis skate shoes from one of our favorite companies, Ipath!. These Ipath Mantis shoes are similar to the Ipath Grasshopper in design and were first released in the spring of 2010.¬† Like most series from these guys it has the hidden stash spot and is made from vegan materials but these shoes also have a cool removable top strap, solid colors with matching laces and Vulcanized outsole. They stand up great to wear and tear and should last you quite sometime compared to other brands and even to some of the other Ipath series. I bought a pair last summer and skated in them till November and they still look good. I find the bottom took some time to break in and because they’re vulcanized I find it’s somewhat of a trade off of board feel for skate shoe durability. I used the stash spot a lot…lol. These have killer style,¬† Premium leather and suede upper and solid details and triple stitching. These lo top mantis shoes are made from Hemp and synthetic materials and feature a padded tongue. These are some of the most solid kicks I own at the moment and I’d highly recommend a pair if you do a lot of skating.

DC Flawless

Hey guys, check out the new Rob Dyrdek line from DC shoes. The Flawless series are pretty dope, they’re not over priced but get the job done…even if that job is just looking good. As always they feature the DC pill pattern on the bottom for extra grip and give you a non slip surface. I’ve never really skated with these in the rain but in every day use they seem to have decent grip on wet surfaces so that’s always a plus. These also have a tough suede upper so they shouldn’t rip apart too quickly on you whatever you use them for. The foam collar and cushioned tongue are always a nice touch on any skate shoe. The DC Flawless also feature innovative cup sole construction to help absorb shock especially useful when trying any big tricks, gaps or stairs, on top of all of this you also get a air flow system in the toes and a mesh tongue insert for great breath ability. This also helps your shoes not stink, bonus.

As far as these DCs style goes I’m pretty happy with how they look. Some of the colors aren’t for me but there’s a great selection to choose from. Besides looking good and performing awesome they’re not too heavy on your wallet so I’d recommend these if you like DC and go through shoes fairly quickly like myself.

Key Features:

  • Durable and tough Suede Uppers
  • Ventilated Upper Panel
  • TPU Eyelets
  • Foam Cushion Tongue and Padded Inside for added Comfort & Support
  • Lightweight Mesh Tongue
  • Elastic Tongue Straps For Added Fit
  • DC Unique Wrap Cup Soles

Scratch proof Grippy Rubber Out sole
Comes in Multiple Colors

And speaking of Rob Dyrdek, his Foundation recently celebrated the much anticipated opening of their 5th “Safe Spot Skate Spot” project in L.A. at The Rancho Cienega Park. Dyrdek along with Council member Herb Wesson, and California¬† Skate Parks President, Joe Ciaglia, were all there for the opening day.

This state of the art skate park cost a whopping $300,000 and is located at the Rancho Cienega Sports Complex, which is owned and operated by the city.  The skate plaza has been named in memory of council member and community activist Charmette Bonpua, who passed on in February.

Osiris Shuriken

Check out the brand new Osiris Shuriken shoe. This is the pro signature skate shoe for Shuriken Shannon. They combine a fresh mix of Suede and action leather and have durable strong materials right where skaters need them most. This helps things like grip tape from shredding your new kicks way too soon. Like many out there today these shoes feature soft foam padding in both the tongue and collar which really helps cushion the foot and also helps against nasty ankle twists. While it’s not possible to avoid these all together this kinda of construction really helps. They also come with a special added lace system which you can decided to use or not. I personally find this great.

I really like the look of these shoes. Currently I own the black and white pair and I like the crisp clean look to them. They have some pretty sweet features also like Metal Osiris logos on the sides and come in a few really cool color combinations. They have both textile lining and insole and give you pretty decent board feel considering their a vulcanized sole. These are about mid range as far as skate shoes go.

You might well be thinking Shuriken Shannon is some sort of ninja star….well you might be correct. He is also a pretty dope pro skateboarder. This guy has been ripping it up for years and he’s only 23!¬† According to a recent interview he fills everyone on in the fact his dad picked his name for him…which is Japanese and prety much means Ninja star. No suprise since his father has mastered many martial arts and has been training for over 50 years now!

Shuriken is sponsored by Osiris shoes, Billabong, Venture trucks among others and he has been skating for over 13 years now. He claims to have started skating because”It’s the best feeling in the world”