Skate Shoe Prices

Price is often an issue when buying new skate shoes, especially with today’s tough economy. Most people don’t want to be putting out hundreds if not thousands of dollars in new skate shoes every year. However it’s always a balance act between good price and good durability/board feel and grip. You may find that saving a few dollars on cheap shoes will only result in them getting worn down quickly and you having to go through more pairs. Pretty much defeats the purpose of buying cheap ones in the first place, doesn’t it?

Well there is a difference between “cheap” and inexpensive. If you really need a solid skate shoe to last you for months or maybe longer consider buying shoes with a non-vulcanized sole. This will give the soles of your shoes extra toughness and long life. Do consider however that vulcanized soles are thinner which will result in a somewhat better skating experience due to heighten board feel and grip. Brands like DC Shoes and Adio Shoes offer you awesome technical skate shoes at a decent price. Some of their series get expensive but a mid rage DC shoe should offer you top of the line features without breaking the bank. If you need something that costs a little less consider a brand like Vans skate shoes. They make good all around shoes at excellent prices. You may not have all the bells and whistles that come with the more higher end brands however for the money spent Vans are a great buy indeed.
So take your time and figure out what skate shoe is going to both meet your budget needs and your skateboarding needs.
With so many awesome shoes and signature models on the market today it should be no problem finding the right one for you. And we are here to help

We hope this gives you a little insight on price factors when considering buying new skateboarding footwear.