Go Skateboarding Day

June 21 is fast approaching,and the skateboarding world will once again celebrate its own international holiday, Go Skateboarding Day 2011.
From its small and humble beginnings in 2003 in southern California (where else?), this event has captured the attention of skateboarders around the world as one day to drop whatever they are into and to do their thing, relax, have some fun and forget all of their troubles.

This special day was founded by the Intentional Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) and is the official holiday of skateboarding. On June 21 you will find skaters in most major cities everywhere out to demonstrate their skills in local contests as well as raise funds for many charities and also to support their sport and its related merchants, suppliers and gear manufacturers, including those who make and sell skate shoes, boards and clothing.

Each year the day attracts more and more participants who gather to enjoy their friends and colleagues in skate parks everywhere, establishing traditions and rituals that have evolved among skateboard enthusiasts for many years. This day has evolved as a one not only to have some fun, but to show people around the world what skateboarding is really all about.
Often seen as a rebellious sport, this day’s events and the work of the people involved demonstrates that skateboarding is fun and the participants are creative and eager to help the communities where they live and work.

Last year’s Go Skateboarding Day had amazing success as many thousands of skaters participated in more than 500 events. The day was attended supported by well-known pro-skaters, particularly in New York City and at Venice Beach in California. One event called “Wild in the Streets” was a huge success not only in the US cities, but in Sao Paulo, Madrid, London and Montreal.
Other international events were staged in countries like South Africa, Columbia, China and South Africa.

Clearly, Go Skateboarding Day has evolved as an international holiday to honor and unite skaters in spirit and friendship, with thousands from all over the world get together on one special day to celebrate their exciting and fun-loving sport.

DC Frenzy

The DC Frenzy Shoes combine the look of an old school skater shoe with cutting edge DC skate shoe technology to bring you one hell of a shoe. I really like the bold chunky look of these shoes both the Frenzy and the brand new DC Frenzy TP shoes  look great and will stand up to a fair amount of punishment. Most skaters I know including myself often burn holes through kicks far too quickly. but with all the tough construction and materials used these will be around for a very long time if you treat them right.  Let’s talk about the solid build and construction of these. They feature tough leather uppers and abrasive and scrape resistant materials.

Of course in a solid skateboard shoe you need more then just a tough build. If the board feel and grip suck or they’re not comfortable then what good are they? Not much. no worries here though as usual DC keeps the bar raised with these shoes. They’re ultra comfortable and feel great to wear! As far as comfort features goes they have a excellent air ventilation system inside to keep air flow going and you skating happy all day and night

Both comfort and protection meet in one with these as they have really well built foam pad insoles and ankle guard to stop you from messing you your foot on big trick or ankles on, well pretty much anything. I love the style and graphics on them too. The Blue and White TP Frenzy shoes really stand out to me but I’m digin most of the other colors and styles too. Some sick shoes from the guys at DC the front padding is also awesome and well needed. I would say if you’re looking for skate shoe durability go for a pair of these.

DC Frenzy Features

  • Smooth Ultra Tough Action Leather, Abrasion Resistant
  • Interior Elastic Lace Systems
  • TPU Eyelets
  • Cushy Yet Tough Pads in  Tongue and Collar
  • Ventilated  Mesh Tongue
  • Interior Elastic Tongue System
  • Mid-Length Airbag
  • Performalite™

Ipath Gall

I bought my first pair of Ipath Gall shoes about 2 months ago and have skated in them a fair amount so far and this is my review of them. So to get the bad stuff out of the way first, I wouldn’t say these are the most durable skate shoe around. After skating in the for about 3 weeks some of the glue on the side started coming off and I did get a small hole in them. Mind you I was using them a lot for skating but compared to say my Ipath reed shoes these got torn up quicker. Having said that I pretty much love everything else about these shoes.
They feature a sturdy Velcro strap which helps to keep everything in place while riding or whatever. I found the bottom grip on them to be excellent even with wet grip tape!  Also the ankle strap is very cool and works great.I also am really into the graphics and colors of the kind I got and the over all look is pretty sweet. I found them quite lightweight also.

Here are some listed features of the Ipath Gall

  • Designed by Ipath pro skater Fred Gall.
  • Leather or hemp upper.
  • Supportive ankle straps.
  • Logo graphics and hardware.
  • Textile Inside.
  • 3X stitching in the front for added guard against wear and tear.
  • Vulcanized Style.
  • Ultra rubber bottom for awesome grip.
  • 17.00 oz.

Ipath pro Fred Gall is a no BS, straightforward street skater who’s wisdom and experience is well beyond his years. He is often referred to as “Uncle Freddy” by his team mates and is looked up to by many in skateboarding today. Fred is as solid as a street skater can get.
This East Coast pro has been ripping it up since the early 90s and shows no signs of slowing down. He is a true master of innovation and always brings something fresh and new to the scene. He is much more focused on shredding and tearing up rough terrain then doing technical flip tricks over and over again.

Tony Hawk Foundation

The Tony Hawk Foundation was set up in 2002 as a way to help create more skate parks across the U.S.
Tony Hawk skates for a number of great companies including Adio shoes and has been pushing the bounds of skateboarding over the past 3 decades.He is considered the most influential vert skater of all time and has pulled off some mind blowing innovative tricks including the 900 at the 1999 X-Games.Much of modern skateboarding owes credit to Tony for his skill and dedication to the sport….and for what he has given back to it also.Over the years,Tony has received thousands of email from kids and parents alike nation wide,asking for help to find a legal place to skate where the kids wouldn’t be harassed or even arrested
The Start of Something Great!

.It was out of these letters and emails that Tony Hawk started the Tony Hawk Foundation in 2002.The foundation seeks to support and empower youth specifically through the building and proper maintenance  of good quality skate parks.A main focus of the foundation is to get great skate parks in low income areas across the nation.

In recent years many cities and communities have been building skate parks however many of these are built incorrectly without proper foresight and many issues including unnecessary injury have occured.So the Tony Hawk Foundation provides these communities with proper pre and post construction issues.The parks need funding,support and need to be designed by a professional who knows the ins and outs of skateboarding.This is where the Foundation comes in.

Answering The Call…

They make sure the park is done correctly and meets the needs of all the people using it as to not waste the communities money and every ones time.The Tony Hawk foundation has given over 1.7 million to more then 330 skate parks nation wide! they have also spread out $80,000 in ramp equipment through its ramp affiliates and partners.

The skate parks that the Tony Hawk Foundation have funded serves over 1.5 million kids every year and has been a tremendously positive force in helping kids who want a place to skate. We salute Tony Hawk,the foundation and all people involved for giving back to the communities and for giving so much to the sport of skateboarding.

A great cause and a great foundation.

Be sure to check out Tony Hawks signature shoes on our Adio shoes page!

Pool Skating

As Far Back as the early 60’s skaters have been seeking empty pools in hopes of finding endless hours of pure skateboarding mayhem and enjoyment. The back yard pool skate session is the backbone of skateboarding and without it and its pioneers we wouldn’t have the awesome sport of skateboarding as we know it today!

Skate bowls, vert ramps and street sessions all owe something to the backyard pool. More than just a large concrete hole in the ground, these empty pools, left to ruin, were a major skateboarding paradise and an all around good time party
They were part of a golden age and the start of greatness.

Z Boyz..

Born in California, pool skating got its first real wave back in the drought of ‘76 when many backyard pools were left empty.
Shredders like Tony Alva and Stacy Perelta pushed the bounds of skating through pool sessions along with the rest of the Z-Boys. It was in the pools where Alva pulled off some of the first ever recorded front and backside airs along with slash grinds and the first real lips tricks. This was the start of a true revolution for skateboarding. Skating the steep walls of these pools also gave birth to Vert Skating along with many new and more intense tricks.
The Z-Boys were notorious for going all out in order to get a good pool to ride and were consistently hassled by the police and the city for their efforts.

An empty pool is a terrible thing to waste

Like a miner looking for gold, skaters have been doing whatever they can to find that glorious site of a concrete pool void of all liquid. To this day pool skating and skaters have remained ever vigilant in reclaiming concrete pools, constantly clearing debris of all kinds, dealing with the cities and police in the name of a killer session.
Some skaters have been lucky enough to get “permission pools” where they can shred hassle free.

One of these was the Pala round pool, one of the most famous pools of San Diego. Pala became well known through many magazines and videos and gave lots of kids their first taste of pool skating. Pala had an awesome design for skating including a sunken love seat and challenging coping. The pool also had an open fence, no home owners, no pad rules, no fees, no locals, no neighbors and was open 7 days a week. With all this Pala was truly a skateboarding heaven and was the scene of many skate  parties, live band concerts and late night sessions.
You can still find lots of great pools today, Places like Burger Bowl in Huntington Beach or Holiday Bowl both host an army of skateboarding fiends.