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Here you’ll find everything you ever needed or wanted to know about skate shoes! Being skaters ourselves, we got sick of looking all over the Internet for the best products and information. It’s a challenge to get everything you want in a single location for this sport – so our team made this website with a simple navigation bar to assist you in finding everything you need! 

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Here you can find reviews of the top of the line in skate shoes and extreme sports footwear. Check out tons of shoe Reviews and and product information along with useful articles for the beginner. See our FAQs and How-to Guides on picking new skate kicks, shoe fit, style & more! Get up to speed on all the latest brands and shoes comparisons in one easy location!

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And if you’re like us, we totally love to see skaters in action – so we’ve put together the best skate videos section ever created online – where you can see pages upon pages of top pros and teams rippin it up as well as videos of all the major brand products. So please sit back and enjoy.

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Complete Beginner and Noobie’s Guide To skate shoes!
Please check out our article section where we help you make informed decisions about what footwear is best for you and your skating needs. Weather you are looking for something to rip up the parks in or just something to chill in we help you make the right choice and make sure you will be happy with your selection. If there is a shoe you need and can’t find simply drop us a line and we will do our very best to find it for you.

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If you’re new to all of this, then we’ll cover the basics for you here. Check out our “What Shoes Is Right For Me” article for information on things like

-Skating Needs

Decisions, decisions

Before you go and buy an expensive pair of new kicks you need to ask yourself what needs you have and what you want out of your new product. Are you looking for the toughest shoe out there? something lightweight? or, are you just looking for something cool looking and fun?
We can help you make the correct choice because we want you to use your new shoes….not just have them look pretty on your shelf.
So please take a look around and feel free to ask us if you have any questions.